Infantium Victoria: excellence in organic clothing for children

Nowadays is easy to find organic clothing for children: just look at the brands of Northern Europe (but there are also many Italian, Spanish, French…) and thanks to many online retailers, with a few days of waiting, we can get home wonderful organic kids outfit.

Organic clothing for children generally looks to the daily: T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans… All the garments for casual styles are easily available, but if we look for something special, unique, to use on special occasions, the circle is tightening and the brands become very few.

Infantium Victoria is one of them, indeed it is much more than a high-end brand in organic clothing fro children: Infantium Victoria has a complete approach to a sustainable lifestyle, which also includes organic, vegan, slow fashion.

Infantium Victoria: excellence in organic clothing for children

The AW18 collection of Infantium Victoria was launched on August 15th and is titled Marine symbiosis: the garments, which are declined in the colors dear to the brand, such as black, electric blue, beige, sage green, are enriched with details that recall the sea. 3D details, which provide a relief and almost a tactile experience, to live the collection with all the five senses.

Here is Sissi’s dress with A-line, with an asymmetrical front panel and with the octagonal neckline, distinctive element of the Marine symbiosis collection, with folds on the chest that recall those on the skirt. The waist is elasticized, just like the wrists: a unique design that makes this dress perfect for every occasion, from the important parties to Sunday with family at the restaurant, from the holiday season (to be combined with accessories on red, or maybe tartan) to school party. The fabric, certified organic Gots, maintains the lines of the model while remaining soft and comfortable.

Infantium Victoria knows children well and… added to this model two front pockets, hidden in the side seams and perfect to preserve the treasures of your kids.

Infantium Victoria: the brand

Infantium Victoria is a young brand: founded in 2014 by Julia Gaydina and Dinie van den Heuvel, it specializes in organic and vegan high-end clothing for children. A real alternative to fast fashion, not only aesthetically but also ethical: not only they are using organic and eco-sustainable materials, but they are produced and distributed sustainably and wages are fair, detailed and transparent for each garment.

The style of Infantium Victoria, although each collection has its own theme, is always influenced by a deep fascination for romantic and nostalgic themes. The design is modern and sophisticated but does not forget that it is aimed at children: they are practical garments, which do not prevent movement during the game, they respect kids’ individuality and stimulate imagination at the same time.

Infantium Victoria: what does slow fashion mean?

Do you know what slow fashion means? It is the opposite of fast fashion, of Zara, H&M, Primark, clothes that have become disposable, that do not protect the environment and workers in production processes and represent the second most polluting industry in the world, after the oil-industry. Slow fashion is a conscious consumption: you buy less and better, you buy clothes made to last, made by manifacturers paid fairly and with quality materials, possibly environmentally sustainable.

Infantium Victoria models are handmade by the Atelier D’andt in Lier, Belgium, and on the basis of these models garmets are produced in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Portugal, Spain and India, always with a sustainable use of resources, good waste management, ethical working conditions.

Organic cotton, certified GOTS, comes from Italy, France, Switzerland, Portugal. Tulle, very difficult material to be certified organic, arrives from Holland. Linen, one of the oldest fabrics in the world, comes from Belgium. Even finishing materials, such as ribbons, laces, buttons, have a well-traced and determined origin. Nothing is left to chance.

You can buy Infantium Victoria in their own webshop or in selected retailers and boutiques.

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