Jean-Charles de Castelbajac for United Colors of Benetton: a Pitti Bimbo 90 is born 65 Benetton Street

The right address is 65 Benetton Street: here you can find children living in the colorful world created by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac for the first United Colors of Benetton fashion show at Pitti Bimbo. 

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac for United Colors of Benetton: at Pitti Bimbo 90 65 Benetton Street lauches

With 65 Benetton Street, Benetton’s historical iconography – made of colour and sportswear – assumes a stronger identity, made of strenght and sweetness, but also of street culture. The children of Benettown live the everyday, they travel fast – on scooters and skateboards – they are agile, creative, curious. They bring us into their planet and wear garments colored with non-toxic and natural colors, puffers made from recycled materials and noble fibers. They love street style and street art: it’s no coincidence that they wear camouflage, star, striped or graffitied by Keith Haring. 

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac says: “We live in a very special historical moment: we are at the end of the parental dictatorship on the way we dress. The child wants to choose what to wear, because he lives and sees the world, through new technologies.

Even girl’s look is affected by the revolution taking place.

“We drew with today’s society in mind. So for the girls I worked on an idea of new romance, with a less fragile but sporty aesthetic, at Benetton. A look that becomes a code, perfect for today’s girls, women of tomorrow. Those who design a collection for girls today have a great responsibility: the educational function of fashion codes is very important. This is the path of tomorrow, which we designers cannot ignore: we must give a place to a femininity that no longer feeds on the clichés of the past”.

Photo Credits SGP via Benetton Press

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