New beginnings and wonderful legends with the new CNY collection Kenzo Kids in limited edition

A new year, a new beginning. No resolutions but only a great desire to live what destiny will give us, continuing to bring with us what we had decided would be the leitmotif of 2018: Shine bright, Shine always and anyway, shine with joy and with a pure heart even when life give us problems.

To celebrate the arrival of the New Year we do not write resolutions: the journey is done on the way and therefore for us it makes no sense to write lists that are then constantly disregarded or altered or made useless by events. The new year will be lived, simply and intensely lived: this is the only purpose for the New Year.

The legend of Nian interpreted with Kenzo Kids collection

To celebrate New Year we decided to decorate home and we want to do it following the tradition of Nian legend, from which originates the Chinese New Year and gives to young and adults a suggestive explanation on why red is the color of Christmas holidays.

An ancient Chinese legend tells the story of a monster named Nian, who lived in the depths of the sea throughout the year and every New Year’s eve rose on Earth to devour the cattle and humans he met. On the eve of a new year, an old man appeared in a village and asked permission to stay out all night to hunt the beast. Nobody believed him but the villagers decided to let him… When the beast arrived at the village to devastate it, a noisy row of firecrackers was lit. Frightened by the noise and the flashes of light, the beast fled. The next day, when the villagers returned from their escape, they discovered that everything was intact. There was no sign of the man who managed to stop the beast, but in his place they found three precious elements with which he managed to hunt the beast. Since then Chinese, on New Year’s Eve, hang red flags and toss firecrackers waiting for the night. The custom spread throughout the country and became Nian’s great traditional festival, meaning “year” in Chinese.

Who is afraid of the Nian with the Kenzo girl sweatshirt?

We also decided to hang lanterns to chase the Nian and celebrate New Year: for the occasion Sissi is wearing the new collection in limited edition of Kenzo Kids that shows in the iconic Kenzo tigers with the Chinese dragon. The fuchsia is illuminated by metallic finish thanks to lurex and gold details, just for an even more festive character.

Ready for New Year’s Eve with Kenzo girl dress 

The dress is really comfortable thanks to the skater model, so you can spend a long evening of festivities without hassling, ready to dance, play, celebrate life and joy that children bring in as innate all year round!

The tiger dress in the limited edition of Kenzo Kids

The dress with the tiger is an iconic item for Kenzo Kids: you will find it every season, both in summer and winter collections. But if you want a unique garment for New Year, that you can reuse even in the coming months, during holidays, parties and also – why not? – at school, the tiger dress in fuchsia with lurex is really perfect. Your girls will love it!

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