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Kenzo Kids: the freedom to play also with luxury designer clothes

The independence of a child must pass through freedom. The freedom to get dirty, the freedom to fall, to err, to move, to stumble. The independence of a child must pass through the freedom to be able to do things by himself. (Cit.)

The simplicity of children’s games such as hide-and-seek, open-air games, in freedom, can coexist even with a luxury designer kids outfit. Obviously it depends on the brand…

Hide and seek with Kenzo Kids sweatshirt

Kids should learn the value of things and objects. The freedom to play and get dirty, even with a total look Kenzo Kids like the one worn by Sissi, never encouraged my little girl to mess up her clothes. I taught her respect for what she wears. And today she plays serenely and freely, even with the iconic Kenzo Tiger sweatshirt: sweatshirt and skirt, in light denim, are one of our favorite looks for this spring. And they will also be perfect in September to start school with style!

Luxury T-shirt and denim skirt: Kenzo style for this SS18 season

If Kenzo Kids has always accustomed us to daring and bold prints, as well as recognizable and identifiable symbols, for spring summer 2018 the French brand combines its collection on three main themes: Paper planes, Food Fiesta and City Hide & Seek. Sissi’s second outfit is part of this latter theme, inspired by world fashion capitals, New York and Paris. The classic T-shirt gets more over in the model and the print doubles the iconic Tiger. Once again the denim skirt (it’s up to you whether to wear the T-shirt in or out!) is a feminine combination, but practical and comfortable at the same time.

What summer would be without holidays at the sea?! The beachwear signed by Kenzo Kids is PERFECT for swimming

We live 20 km from the sea, but we love swimming pools (or going to the sea out of season, when it’s not very crowded): this means that Sissi has very few bikinis (to be exact: two). For convenience we have preferred so far swimsuits. Our 6-years-old has gone crazy when she received her new Kenzo Kids bikini: colorful, reversible, with the PERFECT top… as a mother, I immediately appreciated the comfort: the top is not the classic triangle that runs everywhere and it’s so uncomfortable for girls, but it is a band that remains in its place, also thanks to the straps that can be adjusted and that cross the back.

Add only an inflatable unicorn, a ball, a donut, a swimming pool, a colorful beach towel and a nice straw hat… the fun is assured and we really have not heard the nostalgia of sand and loud of neighbors!

A thought about luxury designer clothes for children: why we continue to prefer them

I talk about children’s fashion since 2013 and now you know my weakness for beautiful things. I’ve always had a kind of sixth sense for everything that hides beauty and uniqueness and yes, I’m not ashamed to admit it, I don’t love low-cost garments. It is not about being snobby, it is a great love for everything that is well done and for quality materials: in a nutshell I do not love polyester mixes and crooked seams!

Sissi has always worn designer garments or clothes from independent brands (always quality brands) without having to worry about dirty and stains. She never wore a smock at school or, from shortly after weaning, the bib when eating. We simply live the stain-event with serenity and probably the fate blessed me giving me a child who knows how to behave and give the right value to what she has.

Occasionally I stopped to think about whether the purchase of luxury designer clothes for children was right: could I spend those money in another way? Was it worth spending in clothes that after 3 months we no longer needed? By presupposing that I have not deprived myself of anything buying since birth garments in boutiques and that I have never purchased them to assume a certain status symbol but rather for the belief that my daughter would wear quality garments, one of the questions that moms often address me is “Does she wear them at school?” “Does she wear luxury garments when palying at the park?”

The social life of children is mainly at school, at the park, in afternoon activities: it seems really reductive to relegate the beautiful dress only to the exits with mom and dad on Saturday and Sunday. It is about learning care: having a cute outfit for the school in my opinion is not to be understood as a habit, it is rather an index of respect for themselves and others. Being nice and tidy is anything but going to school with an old sportsuit. Obviously it is up to us parents to educate not to showcase the brand and to respect every outfit, however simple or low-cost.

We continue to prefer quality brand, looking for an added values that are duration, good quality material (if and when possible organic), design, the right fit, just like in these outfits we shooted for Kenzo Kids.

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