La queue du chat: French allure… in organic cotton!

Suddenly it’s almost summer and, of course with the first sweats, Sissi is back to dermatitis.


Let’s face it: the low-cost stores such as Zara, Mango & Co. fascinate us with low prices and fashionable and cute items. Great temptation to buy. Always. Both for us and for our children. And you buy, maybe just a few items, for the kindergarten, to ruin lightly …

Back to dermatitis (Sissi is suffering from atopic dermatitis since she was 10 months old and here‘s how I was able to “dominate”) and back to thinking about organic clothes with increasing conviction. Whether or not organic, made at least in Europe, with high quality materials and skilled labor…

And Sissi is basically a girl: although I tried to avoid gender distinctions and games about princesses in favor of animals/doctors/adventures, sometimes she likes to look more feminine… and honestly it was difficult to find a chic  or boho-chic (which I find adorable on girls aged like Sissi) brands that are also organic.

I finally found La Queue du Chat, a French brand that combines these two features: the French style, delicate, feminine, and organic cotton top quality. I talked about this brand already here, but today I want to show you a second look, very fresh and summery.


The skirt is very convenient, gathered at the waist, with underskirt, in coral with a micro-printing with squirrels. The blouse instead is white with small pink flowers and the trim at the neck recalls the coral of the skirt. We also added a crown, in the same color, to really feel like princesses: and no, it’s not the usual crown from H&M that has been so famous (with shower of glitter in the house and on clothes …). The little crown is an hairband in plastic hand-painted (available in many colors), soft on the head (also suitable for very small girls), from the Danish design brand PopCutie, sold also in the shop of MoMA in New York.
You can buy the gorgeous garments from La Queue du Chat here and follow all the news on the Facebook page.

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