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Faster! Higher! With more force! – Citius, Altius, Fortius!!!
(Olympic Motto, first used at the Olympic Games in Paris in 1924)

Every trip with Sissi provides a museum visit (and not necessarily children): I think the love of culture is a path that starts when child.

Today’s children, unlike us parents, can count with museums dedicated exclusively to them, mostly playful and educational from the perspective of knowledge of science, animals, the use of the five senses… If you want to start your children to discover the museums, you could start from these, then focus on more traditional museums (of natural history, which has always been passionate about kids, or even art galleries).

In Lausanne we discovered the Olympic Museum.

And it was lovely: Olympic Museum in Lausanne mixes classic type displays interactivity wisely, but mainly teaches something important and deep.

As in the Olympics are not crowned the most beautiful and the strongest, but those that participate in the race (and among them there are the winners), so in life who acts justly becomes a participant of the beautiful and the good.

Completely renovated, the Olympic Museum reopened its doors in late 2013 and today counts with an exhibition area of over 3,000 square meters and with the latest technological innovations.

This is not just a Museum, but the Museum of an idea: Olympism.

The Olympics are addressed in this museum unique in the world in many respects: sports, history, culture, design, sociology, technology. Something important to teach our children, whether or not sports fans.

From the Quai d’Ouchy, Lausanne’s lakeside promenade, the first impact with the Olympic Museum are the inevitable (and necessary) flags, a statue representing the circles symbols of the Olympics and a beautiful fountain. The staircases, which are also significant in that bear the names of torchbearers, go up on the hill, crossing a park of 8,000 sqm where you meet so many sculptures (signed Niki de SaintPhalle, Botero, Tapies and Calder, among others) that pay homage to the world of sport. Front entrance of the Museum, the statue of the father of the modern Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin, welcomes visitors and supervises the Olympic flame.

Inside the Museum’s permanent collection is spread over 3 levels (Ground Floor 1 0//The Olympic world, The Olympic Games and Floor -1/The Olympic spirit) which are connected by a central ramp (but there are also elevators, don’t worry!) to spiral made to identify the visitor with a torch bearer.

A visit to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne

Start your visit at level 1, the OLYMPIC WORLD, which brings in Olympic history from its ancient origins in Olympia. Well edited and interactive set design show you the vision of Pierre de Coubertin. We continue with the history of the Olympic movement. Very exciting collection of Olympic torches. Children will be attracted by all the mascot in the form of more or less large plush. Important to think creative, cultural and environmental challenges of the host city of the Olympics and marvel at the opening ceremonies.

At level 0, the Olympics, the visitor is immersed in deeds and in athletes’ prowess through their equipment exposed without a front window. It turns out the biography of champions and share their emotions through immersive audiovisual event.

At the -1 level, the OLYMPIC SPIRIT, is definitely the most interactive part of the Museum (and that certainly fascinate youngers): take your ticket and leave to go virtually in the heart of the Olympic village to see the preparation of the athletes to different disciplines. The tour ends with video interviews of athletes and exposure of 59 medals, from the Olympics of 1896 until the present day.

Approach different Nations with the friendliest sports fights and may the loyal observance of the rules that govern our games open their souls to that feeling of mutual respect, which is the Foundation first maintaining peace among peoples
(Pierre de Coubertin)

The Olympic Museum also hosts temporary exhibitions: till 19 November 2017 WHO SHOT SPORTS: a photo exhibition dedicated to the most beautiful shots on sport and ability to capture the emotions and that decisive moment, the moment of victory.


Go up to Level 2 at TOM Café (TOM is the acronym that stands for The Olympic Museum): not just for a break, a coffee or a snack tasting the dishes prepared by Chef Pascal Beaud’s huin, whose names were inspired by the Olympic vocabulary, but also a perfect spot for a selfie and admire the breathtaking view over Lake Geneva and the Alps.

At level 0, inevitable after the visit to the Olympic Museum, there is the TOM Shop.

If you want to know the other attractions to visit in Lausanne with children you should read this article: Lausanne with children.

Olympic Museum Lausanne: all info

Le Musée Olympique
Quai d’ouchy 1,
1006 Lausanne, Switzerland
+ 41 21 621 65 11

From 01.05 to 14.10 daily from 9.00 to 18.00
From 15.10 to 30.04 from 10.00 to 18.00, closed on Mondays except Easter Monday or special events. Closed on 25 December and 1 January.

Upcoming temporary exhibitions:

From 7 December 2017 to 11 March 2018
Exhibitions and events at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, to discover the best of
Korean contemporary culture and live the Olympics live from TOM. Artistic performances, food,
events unedited.

From 29 March to 2 April 2018
Coproduced with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Olympic exposure on creativity is currently
under development. After Lausanne, where will be presented exclusively, the exhibition will leave for an international tour.

For info about Lausanne

Lausanne Tourisme & Convention Bureau
AV. de Rhodanie 2 – P.O. Box 975 – 1001 Lausanne
Tel. + 41 (0) 21 613 73 21

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