Baby cuddles in the Mac Ilusion family

There is nothing better than tricot to dress babies in their first months/years of life. Knitwear adapts, like nothing else, to the soft shapes of the body by taking care of the baby’s delicate skin without hindering movement

Mac Ilusion is a journey of almost fifty years

Over the years the Spanish brand has always kept up to date with the latest technologies looking for the best yarns to achieve a result always at a high level and to offer, to the newcomer more and more comfortable garments, that can give him the best welcome in this world that will be his home.

The well-being of the baby also passes through the yarn

The knitwear accompanied by soft fabrics, composes the collection, deferring in every detail to the origins of the brand: Spain.

The baby outfits are made with great care, giving maximum attention to the soft and delicate skin of the baby. They combine classic but renewed lines with more sophisticated garments, giving great importance to small details, such as coconut buttons as well as pointy collars for him and ruffles for her.

Printed fabrics occupy a special place, all combined with knitted details bright and bright colors. Finally, the accessories complete the collection, making it really special.

Mac Ilusion’s autumn winter 2020/21 collection

At the beginning autumn, the first days of school arrive, the leaves cover the ground and temperatures start to drop. The chocolate colour and soft fabrics there wait to wrap us around throughout the cold season.

For autumn-winter 2020/21 collection, the colours have been particularly chosen. For the little ones who live the winter for the first time, you will find a large collection consisting of several knitted garments, cotton fabrics and exclusive prints on flannel and cotton plumes, compensating them with pastel colors such as cloud blue, cream pink and green iceberg, not to mention the tones of celestial, baby pink and natural.

The details on each garment have been carefully selected to create a unique collection with hand embroidery and delicate lace.

Warm colors such as indigo, mustard, beige, blue and shades of red are of great importance. As always, the prints occupy a considerable place and this season we meet fantastic flowers inspired by the winter garden, prints of Royal Peacocks and “Liberty” but of course can not miss the tartan and Oxford paintings since they are a classic of each Season. The whole thing blends together with velvet, Chevron-designed fabric and flannel.

As outerwear, knitted coats and sleeping bags are a great addition to protect them from the cold, with warm, soft linings.

Shirts with V-neck, shorts, trousers, jackets and sweaters dress older children. The details and different colors for each line of the collection are harmonized with coordinated dresses and outfits for girls. The coats with fur in which we find warm linings, cover the clothes of the small and, a classic of every season, our unisex knit coats with hood and ecological fur.

In this season every garment is unique, precious and exclusive and all this makes this collection really special.

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