LEGO HOUSE: the most famous House of bricks in the world opens in Billund

After 3 years, on September 28th the long-awaited LEGO House will open in Billund, hometown of the world’s most famous bricks. The house will allow LEGO fans of all ages to dive into the magical LEGO universe and enjoy a unique experience all year round.

LEGO House is the manifestation of the true essence of the LEGO concept. This is a special place where LEGO fans, families and visitors – adults and children alike – will be able to immerse in the LEGO universe and live or relive the experience of the game, with a myriad of colored bricks. All activities are related to LEGO’s philosophy, according to which creative play fosters innovation. LEGO House is in fact an invitation to stimulate learning and to unleash kids’ creativity. (Jesper Vilstrup, General manager of the LEGO House)

You lived with us first Legoland Billund and then Legoland Germany; anyway LEGO House promises something different. 12000 square meters in the heart of Billund which include both paid attractions, both experiences and spaces open free to the public, like the LEGO Square, a large Plaza in the Center, conceived as a meeting place for locals and visitors. Guests can play freely on the outdoor terraces, explore the LEGO Store and enjoy a gourmet experience in one of the 3 restaurants.

Thetrue heart of the LEGO House are 4 coloured play areas, called experience zones, where each color represents an aspect of children’s learning. Red is creative, blue is social, green is emotional and yellow is intellectual: the primary colors of LEGO bricks of our childhood create an educational project offering different individual activities and attractions that see the active involvement of the guests. Complete the experience a magnificent Gallery Masterpiece where fans can exhibit their creations and the History Collection, a space dedicated to history of the company.

Designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingel Group), the LEGO House presents an outstanding architecture: 21 white blocks stacked in a staggered manner and crowned with a giant LEGO brick 2×4. The façade is covered with terracotta tiles that give the illusion that the building is built with real LEGO bricks.

The building itself reflects those values of LEGO. LEGO bricks have been well incorporated into the architecture in a simple but ingenious way, showing the systematic creativity that lies at the base of the LEGO game. Also the location in which the building was built is not accidental. Billund is the city where the LEGO adventure began and the LEGO House was not only for tourists but also for the citizens and the locals. (Jesper Vilstrup, General manager of the LEGO House)

Thanks to LEGO House and LEGOLAND, Billund is really the only place in the world where you can live on top of the LEGO experience. And Denmark has become the true home of LEGO.

LEGO House: practical info

The ticket for the payed attractions costs 199 DKK/26 € and the Combo ticket LEGO House + LEGOLAND Billund DKK 449/60 €

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