LEGO: not only bricks

In my opinion the most educational game: LEGO! Educational, stimulating, durable, ageless, hygienic (wash them with soap and water at 40°C) Up to 3 years the must is LEGO DUPLO, a little bigger and more secure (so your kids do not risk choking) than classic Lego.

There are many “themes”: the city, the farm, the zoo, Cars, Jake and the pirates, trains, emergency, etc. these series are in boxes with a few characters (one or two and some brick) up to more large and complete boxes: from the 11 months of Sissi until today, we bought from various themes but we tried to avoid the series of Princesses (with pink bricks), even if finally we bought 2 little boxes (Snow White and Sleeping Beauty), but I have seen that Sissi doesn’t prefer them, so the anti-sexism-intuition was right!


A tip: in the beginning use just a few bricks and more characters. In fact at the beginning my babygirl liked to see ME doing the constructions, to destroy them, to move them, to transport them, to identify the colors. But it’s with the characters that she really plays: we invented a thousand games with animals and dolls.

Here the link of the official website to see the “themes”:

The site is very nice: there are games, drawings to print and color, videos …. They also have some nice App for Ipad , I must say that I downloaded all of them and Sissi loves them very much, especially the Zoo and the new Peekaboo

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