Legoland Deutschland: a wonderful experience for your kids

LEGOLAND always amazes you.
Our second Legoland (after Legoland Billund last year) was intense and full of emotions for Sissi, accustomed to visit amusement parks. Legoland was also revealing to me, also about the tips I want to give you when responding to numerous messages that you sent me before, after and during the visit.

Last year in Billund Sissi was 4 and a half: it was not her first visit to a Park, but for sure it was the first large park and maybe -just maybe- she was too young. This year she remembered that she visited a Park made of Lego, but less more: she didn’t remember the rides and attractions as they’re depending on height (she was approx 106 cm last year) and then she wasn’t able to enter many of them.

LEGOLAND Deutschland was a park that we visited with much more awareness: Sissi has grown (5 years and a half) and she began to see on Sky TV Lego Friends and Lego Ninjago series, enjoying them. We bought (luckily on Amazon, where often we found them with some discount) many Lego sets and she abandoned definetely Lego Duplo. To be honest, we bought a lot of sets, because as a mom I never say NO to Lego, which I consider to be always valid and challenging prize for a good behaviour.
Before leaving I wanted to remember Legoland Billund: we reviewed together photos and short videos… and then we left for Munich.

LEGOLAND is… showing to your fav Lego Friend (you built in the shop) the view from the train

LEGOLAND Deutschland: Park, rides and attractions

The park is divided in zones, which represent the themes of the famous Lego bricks: Ninjago, City, Knigths Kingdom, Adventure Land, Pirate Land, Imagination, X-treme, Kingdom of the Pharaohs.

In two days we were able to visit all the attractions and to rise more than once on Sissi’s favourite rides, despite the inevitable queues (but this is a constant in amusement parks in summer, so be patient… or buy Express Pass, with which you can reduce waiting times up to 90%).

How to organize your visit to Legoland Deutschland

My advice, mindful of the visit at Legoland Billund, is to leave the charming and central Miniland (the area where you can find reproductions of towns and monuments made of Lego bricks) for the end of your visit -or for a break between attractions.

The same is true for the free game areas (such as Duplo or Pirate Playground): there are no queues and children can stop at any time to play with slides, climbing or to have some refreshing moments!

About queues, you will find useful panels with the list of the races and the minutes of waiting, so you can decide on the spot which way to go! To support your decisions visit also Legoland Deutschland website where you can monitor in real time the minutes of waiting.
At the entrance of each run you will find the sign with the recommendations, the yardstick for measuring your child and minutes of queuing (verified by my husband with Iphone timer!)

All attractions are worth: just let your kids decide!

Sissi loved all rides and attractions, but she wanted to repeat her fav! Lego City Police Station Maze is a true experience of catching a thief! In a maze made of mirrors, you shall chase robbers and you’ll also pass through laser beams. She repeated also (and more than once) both Kids Power Tower, a tower where you pull yourself up by hauling on the rope and come down, both the mini canoes of  Canoe X-Pedition. Fun attractions to do all together in family, that we loved and repeated with pleasure are Temple X-Pedition, where you enter into a pyramid and fight with lasers, and Ninjago The Ride, similar but in 3D.

Very very funny is the battle on pirate’s Galleons, Captain Nick’s Splash Battle: don’t be afraid to get wet! As you have seen in our Instagram Stories, at the exit there are boxes with rapid dryers that use a combination of infrared and hot air.

Don’t miss Atlantis by Sea Life, an exciting journey through the ocean in the underwater city of Atlantis. You’ll encounter sharks, rays and other tropical fishes and if you are very brave you can come face to face with the creatures of the deep in the eight-metre-long glass tunnel.

The shops: after all, Legoland is even shopping!

Although it is easy to find Lego sets online or at Lego store… well, no shop is remotely comparable to the shops you find in Legoland! From clothing in Lego Boutique (which I remind you to be of excellent quality!) to monothematic shops, paradise for those who love to shop some Lego series in particular. At Legoland you find City Shop, Star Wars Shop, Friends Shop, Factory Pick a Brick, Heroes Shop, Pharaoh’s Bazaar and Ninjago Shop: spoilt for choice!

Long nights: save the date

Summer is hot, even in Germany! And although the weather is more variable than ours, it won’t be hard to find a beautiful (and hot) day: then stay at Legoland Deutschland until late in the evening and enjoy the Long nights’s programme.

LEGOLAND Deutschland: how to get there and where to stay and eat

LEGOLAND Deutschland is reached fairly comfortably from Italy: Munich Airport is about 1 hour and a half (we took a rental car and stayed in Augsburg, about halfway).  Allgäu airport Memmingen is just 50 minutes drive and Stuttgart Airport just 1 hour.  If you live in Northern Italy, you can reach Legoland also by train or car.

If you’re staying in Legoland Resort, it will be a truly unique experience for kids because everything is absolutely Lego-customized: my advice is to book early to get a good choice both in terms of the type of accommodation and prices.

We decided to stay in Augsburg at the Hotel Drei Mohren.

As for restaurants, the choice is wide and for all tastes: pizzas, salads, ice cream, snacks, crepes, hot dogs… almost of them all are self served except the Stars Grill House, served, where we ate some good hamburgers.

LEGOLAND Deutschland: prices and opening hours

For prices and opening hours, please visit the official website of Legoland Deutschland, but in general sooner you arrange more savings you have. Buying online and choosing what packages are better for you definitely is the best option.

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