Letkidsbekids: kids and animals

Memories of an afternoon spent together…

It all started with some small books about animals: it is curious how our kids are passionate about the animal world. They don’t even speak but they know how the cow or the chicken does: basically, if you think about it, it’s funny as adults work hard for their children to learn the exact call of each animal.

I’ve reflected about the relationship between children and pets, always deep, always present in all ages and in all children, without exception. Animals (of course I am referring to domestic ones) teach our children that you can play without toys, and you can have fun without the need for an object, through relationships. They are important companions who understand children’s emotions without words, basing on affect relationships, without prejudice, typical of human relations.

From here I think it arises (and it generalizes to all animals, even to non domestic) the passion that kids have for the animal world. And it goes even further: some animals infuse courage, while in others our kids reflect themselves, feeling an affinity for quality or lack…

Letkidsbekids: children, pets, prints

Sissi, in total look Mini Rodini, wears a panther with bunnies, from Pre AW16 collection… and Sissi roars! Emma instead wears the same print with bunnies in yellow version with blacks  baggy pants from Iglo+Indi.

In short it comes time to chase and hop, just like bunnies!




Then it’s time to pick cherries and Sissi, in total look Motoreta, would feed a wolf, the one on Emma’s jacket, from Mini Rodini, combined with leggings from One We Like: on the other hand she thinks the mouth is open… to eat!



© Copyright Valentina Bravetti Photographer

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