How to dress children at Christmas?

This season’s Christmas outfits, in addition to the great classics such as tartan, red, gold, allow you to stand out with personality without giving up good taste.

How to dress children at Christmas? Black!

If you’re going to buy a kids outfit for Xmas parties and you want to use later, not only for occasions but also for school, this Boboli outfit is just perfect.

Black for children’s clothes: do you like it?

Yes to black, but with a few tricks! We didn’t choose a total black outfit: Boboli’s cardigan has a mohair effect and glows thanks to beige, grey and jewel buttons.

Boboli’s black velvet pants have a sparkling touch and waist with elastic band with gold touches. They are very comfortable but very chic at the same time and have an infinite number of possible combinations: they are really the smart item of this look!

The t-shirt, perfect with this look, is by DKNY Kids, which you saw in a total look in Iceland in this article.

The Christmas location is The Nadler Kensington, a perfect place for a visit to London during holidays.

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