How to dress up children for a summer wedding

How to dress children for a wedding in the summer? A question that all parents ask themselves as soon as they receive an invitation to a summer wedding… With these tips you can immediately start the search for the perfect look for the little ones.

At weddings, children also often have a leading role: sometimes they participate as bridesmaids, other times they are simply guests. Who doesn’t remember the little British royals at the royal weddings? Nice, but with eyes on them because children are by their nature in constant motion, which is not appreciated by all the guests! We parents stay a little breathless until the end of the marriage: will they behave well? Will they comply with protocol? Are they going to get in trouble or do they freak out?

How to dress children for a summer wedding: an important point to avoid small inconveniences!

It’s hard to give answers, but I can assure you one thing: it’s very important to know how to dress children at a wedding. Not so much for the label, but to make them feel good, comfortable, beautiful, with their clothes: this will make them less dangerous!

Differences between page-brides and invitees

The first important step is to differentiate the roles of children, because clothing changes considerably. Children who brings the rings of the newlyweds or who carry flowers, or who anticipate the bride’s entry, have a clothing regulated by certain rules that is important to keep in mind. They usually follow the style dictated by the newlyweds, which is reflected in the mood of the whole wedding. One of the mistakes to avoid is that the court of pagers and bridesmaids looks like a series of miniature boyfriends and girlfriends. Do not mask children at a wedding, but adapt them to the style of marriage without making them a cartoon. So YES to more formal styles or even boho, but never an imitation of the bride and groom.

In general terms, the wedding procession formed by children usually opts for delicate tones that combine cheerful colors with more neutral colors, such as white or cream, all in natural fabrics. In particular, wedding professionals recommend voluminous skirts for little girls and a crown or a floral ornament on the hair. For boys, shorts and a Korean collared blouse, the band to be tied in front can also be overlooked in more informal weddings.

As for the rest of the invited children, there really are no rules so strict. It is up to the parents, as long as there is no extremely strict protocol, perhaps specified in the invitation to marriage. Shorts and a white shirt are enough for boys, maybe a colorful detail (a tie or bow tie) will give them a special joy. For little girls, vaporous and fluttering dresses in soft colors, better pastel, both monochromatic but also with understated floral prints, to which add more colorful details perhaps with accessories, such as hoops or handbags.

Between the ages of 5 and 13, the issue of clothing for children invited to the wedding changes because the tastes of children begin to shape: it is right to consult them and adapt to their incipient style. For this age group will be perfect dresses with linen fabrics, plumeti tulle or batista plumeti and wide skirts. For boys, jackets and shirts with Korean necks almost always work!

Respect the style and opinion of each child

When possible, the protocol must be respected, but in the way of children: at weddings, the rules for them lose strength and are played in a wider field of action.

In addition, every child has a style and coming out of it, even just for a day, would make it uncomfortable (especially for slightly older children is a very important aspect). This does not mean going to the event too serious or too informal, but adapting one’s personal style to an event of this nature. Just as adults opt for jackets of different fabrics, shirts or bow ties when they want to break protocol, a child can do exactly the same, but with many more licenses.
On the other hand, it should be remembered that children are not adults and that it is not necessary to dress them in clothes that nullify their childish essence. Remember that it is also important to differentiate their age: a two-year-old is not the same as an eight-year-old or one approaching adolescence. Can you imagine dressing a 12-year-old girl as a six-year-old? I would expect long snouts and important scenes of anger from the girl (who would be right!).

In addition, it is not good to neglect your image and wear clothing that meets the function: choosing a dress for ceremony does not mean to get a priori right! Children must also feel beautiful, just like us adults, and for this they deserve a perfect kids outfit. This is where the opinion of the child also comes, because he must feel comfortable with the image he projects and, taking into account the fact that in childhood he begins to develop his own self-esteem, tries to make him feel good with the dress he wears.

Use wedding fabrics and colors

The wedding mood can serve as a guide for all guests to prepare their looks. For this reason, it is also important to take into account its characteristics, that is, whether it is day or night, the place, the atmosphere, the style…

Whether it is a beach wedding, hippie or country style, will be to prefer the most natural fabrics in white, beige or cream. For more formal and classic weddings, the little ones can also choose a brand of ceremonial dresses with classic dresses and sober tones.

Search for their comfort

Whether they are bridesmaids or simple guests, remember that they are children, with all that their nature implies. Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate clothing for them. Adults are able to sacrifice body temperature or pain (at the feet! We women know something about it, don’t we?) to look special, but children are not capable of it. The most important thing is to achieve the balance between formality and comfort and, above all, to allow them to be free to move and to play especially after the ceremony. Children move, run, play and are subject to their charming and tireless impulsiveness. A wedding is not as fun for them as it is for you, so it would be counterproductive to deprive them of the opportunity to have fun. For this reason, favor vaporous, comfortable and slippery fabrics that can withstand even sudden movements and dangerous activities!

Another option is to dress them in a slightly more formal and uncomfortable way during the ceremony and after, just as they will do as the newlyweds will, provide a change by making them wear more comfortable clothes. Consider the formality of the event (forbidden the suit): this second set, however cute and sober, would allow them greater freedom of movement and the dress of the ceremony would not be in danger in case of reckless play.

Coordinate as a group

Children who are part of the wedding procession must comply with a set of rules that include more licenses than the adult sphere. Coordinated clothing is generally used to maintain uniformity during the ceremony parade and for some details such as the photo shoot.

However, the group can be composed of different models, as long as they have points in common regarding the style, colors, fabrics and tone of the wedding. With all this in mind, every family can choose and dress their child as they see fit. Embroidery, tulle, tulle plumeti and lace are generally the most in demand for girls.

How to dress up children for a summer wedding: Artesania Amaya

Spanish fashion has a place of excellence in ceremonial gowns. Artesania Amaya is one of the brands that for more than 50 years has been involved in children’s fashion for the ceremony and does so with a family business of a craft character, where the excellent manufacture combines with a style in step with the times.

The personal style of Amaya Sanchez, the creative mind of the brand, represents an oase of freshness in the world of children’s fashion, as a result of her overwhelming personality and a unique vision marked by creative independence. Its refined, natural and balanced lines are born from an inner world characterized by a constant struggle of opposites where tradition, avant-garde, serenity, expressive force, romance and minimalism, converge in perfect harmony.

So here is a dream dress, the PERFECT dress for the ceremony, which sums up everything we talked about today and which represents the right answer to how to dress children for a summer wedding. Whether she’s a bridesmaid or an invitee, your little girl will really feel like a modern princess at ease in a gorgeous dress.

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