Little Creative Factory AW18: Horizons

Winter Horizons: poetic and innovative, retro and modern at the same time, Little Creative Factory AW18 new collection is launching today.

Little Creative Factory AW18 titled its Collection Horizons: winter horizons in which blue sky meets the sea. The history of the Fall/Winter 2018/19 collection takes place under a bright winter sun where an iridescent intense blue sky meets the burnt, red-coloured ground, and the rocky coal, where the mountains meet clouds, sky and  sea. It is the story of a young girl who runs wild and barefoot through an empty and arid landscape that seems to have no limits. Rooted in the earth and nature that surrounds her, she is free through her imagination and for this reason her gaze is constantly attracted by the infinity of that horizon, full of hope and possibility.

Little Creative Factory 080 Barcelona Fashion Fall/Winter 2018-2019

The color palette of the Little Creative Factory AW18 Collection brings  together the traditional colours for the Catalan brand, cream and black/anthracite, and bright colours, borrowed from the landscape that is the background to the history that inspires the collection. Rust, calcareous white, charcoal black and deep blue, rest on monochromatic garments and are supplemented by stripes, checkered stitching and prints. The classic linen and cotton fabrics accompany a new quilted range offering fresh volumes and crisp contours. Horizons reflects a natural world full of light and hope, which characterizes the spirit of children, of their travels – physical and not – already done and new horizons that still await them.

If you don’t know Little Creative Factory…

Little Creative Factory is an adventure that begins in 2011 by the creativity of Cristina Fernández, that was before immersed in the professional world of architecture. The company was founded on the concept of offering an extremely innovative line of clothing for children: a careful mix between craftsmanship and modernity, with garments made always with natural materials. Little Creative Factory’s garments are all made in Barcelona. You can find their shop in El Born in Barcelona, or you can find the brand in one of their retailers in more than 30 countries.

Little Creative Factory 080 Barcelona Fashion Fall/Winter 2018-2019

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