London with kids: Science Museum

We almost visited every museum in London. Since we travel with Sissi we try not to overdo it and make sure we visit just one Museum at a time: we have set ourselves some sort of goal. Every trip one museum.

This is because I think it’s really important to make Sissi familiar with Museums, but without exaggeration, because I wish she would love museums and culture without getting bored.

Most of the museums in London are free in their permanent collections: a great benefit not only to the pockets, but also in terms of queues and number of visits!

Science Museum: “THE” Museum to visit with children in London

The Science Museum in London is one of the most recommended museums to visit with kids and, founded in 1857, it is one of the three largest museums along the Exhibition Road in South Kensington (do you remember last year when we visited Natural History Museum with Sissi?).
Located near the Victoria and Albert Museum, Hyde Park and Harrods, Science Museum in London surely represents a stop that you can easily add to your London trip.

There are many free activities and I recommend you to follow the recommendations of the official Web site of Science Museum, based on the age of your children.

In the each gallery you will find all a science. In my opinion, as I have also shown in Instagram Stories, your kids will love the Gallery at the ground floor (level 0) Making the Modern World, where you will find everything for the past 250 years has made the modern world, from Apollo 10 in early Apple. Very interesting also the area, on the same floor, dedicated to James Watt or to space and planes and machines aimed to fly.

At the Basement (level -1) you will find a very suitable area for younger children (recommended in preschool but I think interesting to kids even smaller): The garden is a paradise of water, light, sounds, buildings and tactile experiences. At this floor you will also find a number of cases, some of them interactive, which tell The secret life of the home. How everyday objects of our homes were in the past? From early refrigerators to irons, from stoves to televisions and telephones, a journey into the technological evolution of our homes that will remember old items and surprise both adults and children.

At the first floor (level 1) you will find an interesting area dedicated to materials. At the second floor (level 2) enjoy the Winton Gallery, dedicated to mathematics, and the area dedicated to watches and time measuring The Clockmakers Museum.

Paid activities include the splendid Wonderlab-The Statoil Gallery, a dip in a science and mathematics lab. Closed during our visit, we settled for watching the beautiful IMAX 3D Dream big: engineering our world and British Red arrows flight simulation, which gives you a feeling of 3D and 360° flight just like one of the best pilots in the RAF. This experience has a minimum age of 4 years and a minimum height of 107 cm: if your children fulfill these requirements I recommend it because it has a low cost and it is really funny!

Science Museum
Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London SW7 2DD

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