Lunii the storyteller: a new companion for kids

When traveling, tablets and smartphones are always allowed… but are we sure they are so indispensable?

We travel a lot, both by car and plane, and I must admit that until now Sissi has always been entertained with children’s movies or animated series, to be downloaded on the tablet before embarking on the journey. We added educational apps in English or Spanish, some card games, books in digital format (to reduce weight) and holiday books, along with a notebook for writing or drawing…

They have always entertained Sissi, even on the longest trips, but a bit at the expense of her imagination… also when the road is full of curves, reading does not always help…

For our car trips in the mountains, we discovered a real storyteller: Lunii

When we travel in the mountains, reading or movies are not too well-suited: the sense of car sickness increases! It was necessary to organize and test before August holidays a valuable tool that would help Sissi not only to entertain herself, but also to distract her from the malaise, a kind of magic potion that would help to close the eyes, to make the imagination fly and focus on something else, rather than the curves!

Lunii is a real fabric of stories: it is not a simple storyteller, because the stories are precisely built by the child, in an infinite number of possible combinations.

Imagination is stimulated immediately because to begin to listen the child must first choose several elements that will compose his story: a protagonist, a co-protagonist, a place and an object.

If the child is already school-age, the exercise is also very useful for learning how to compose a fantasy text, just as is explained at school by the teachers!

The protagonists of Lunii’s stories are children and in Lunii 48 stories are already included with the adventures of Lisa and Leo. In addition, there are hundreds of stories to download from the luniistore in 8 languages available, so it is also perfect for bilingual children like Sissi or to encourage learning a second language.

What is Lunii?

Lunii is a kind of magic box with built-in speaker and a jack socket to plug in the headphones! So on the plane no one bothers and in the car mom and dad can listen to music or chat!

You can match the original Lunii, Octave headphones, which are not only colorful and foldable, but also have a limitation to 85 dB so as not to damage the children’s delicate hearing.

Octave also has a double jack so you can connect multiple kids, each with their own headset: brilliant, isn’t it?!

Lunii does not need wireless or internet connection because it connects via USB to PC or Mac to the luniistore, from which you can buy and download hundreds of stories in various languages. In addition, at the installation of the luniistore you will get a free Bedtime stories with 8 stories to listen to before bedtime!

Another positive aspect of using Lunii on the go is the absence of batteries: the device is rechargeable with micro-usb cable and, with a capacity of 30 hours of listening (depending on the number of stories that can be stored in the device), has a battery life of 10 hours!

The benefits of using Lunii

It is now a well-established concept among parents: children should use less possible devices such as tablets, smartphones and video games.

Not only for a fact of sight, which definitely begins to be fatigued from an early age by blue light devices, which are nothing but electromagnetic radiation that penetrate the lens and damage the retina, but also for a factor of protection from the waves emitted by wifi and cellular networks.

As it applies to us adults, even for children it is not advisable to carry out exciting activities before going to sleep: a nice book or a quiet story definitely favor a serene sleep, much more than a video game!

Lunii stimulates imagination and creativity: for this reason it is a game that goes well from 3 years of age and up, which is still very much appreciated even by school-age children.

Lunii is also very useful for bilingual children or for those who are proposing a second language to their children. There are 8 languages available!

The Lunii catalogue is extensive and suitable for every child: from classic characters like knights and princesses to Disney characters, from everyday life to seasonal themes like Carnival or Christmas. In addition, every child chooses the right story at the time of day: fun, relaxing, adventurous…

You can buy Lunii and its accessories on official website and also on Amazon.

The story-telling device has a price of 59.90 euros, while the headphones are priced at 29.90 (and you can use them with other jack devices too!). Story packs are priced from 6.90 to 19.90: we’ve already purchased “The Adventures of Gaia: The 6 Kingdoms” at 6.90 euros and we downloaded the Spanish version of the basic package and bedtime stories for free.

You can also follow Lunii on Facebook and Instagram

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