Luxury and sustainability in children’s fashion: ARI London

Can luxury and sustainability coexist? ARI London is trying to bring together the luxury of Pret à Couture with a sustainable approach.

New brand new vision: ARI London

New in age and new in philosophy, ARI London is a British conceptual brand that makes clothing for girls from 1 to 8 years old. The garments are produced through the combination of traditional British techniques and the implementation of sustainable innovative practices, through the use of a socially responsible production chain.

The brand was founded by Fatimah Hussain in 2018 and it’s named after her daughter Ariana. Fatimah runs a very successful design agency, works with brands around the world, she focuses particularly on design and sustainable impact of manufacturing. Fatimah also regularly gives university lectures on fashion production and sustainable practices.

Her extensive knowledge of the product and production chain life cycle allowed her to develop eco-friendly processes for ARI London garments. Fatimah’s main goal is to merge innovation with designer clothes and generate eco-friendly fashion, making it “the norm.”

Sustainable production and slow fashion also in children’s fashion

Fatimah is a designer, but she is also a mother and before that a person with a green soul and a strong sensitivity to sustainability issues.

The focus on ethical and sustainable production starts with the design process that leads to the use of ethically chosen materials with the least negative impact possible on the environment. The fabrics come from batches of roll that would otherwise be thrown, natural plant-based fibers and materials made from recycled products such as bottles collected from the ocean. By changing the design of applications by incorporating sequins made from recycled PET, the environmental impact is as low as possible. Among the fabrics mainly employed there are organic cotton and sumptuous silk from responsible provenance.

ARI London creates fluid seasonal collections: the garments are designed to be transient, to be in tune with the delicate flow of nature. Contrary to what fast fashion proposes (clothes of low quality, without traceability, to last a month or so), ARI London embraces the concept of slow fashion, with a childrenswear that goes beyond the season and the trend, suitable to be worn over time, always staying true to the philosophy brand.

ARI London is also #letkidsbekids: although the lines are classic and elegant, with touches of modernity and a mix of materials that we really like, the brand never lose sight of the comfort. The movements of children are free, not prevented by seams pulling or tight garments.

The circle closes: luxury has finally met sustainability and comfort.

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