Majula Handmade: when girl accessories become poetry

I don’t usually buy handmade articles, mainly for a reason: I don’t know the exact composition of the garments, I can not study labels and certifications… I mean, I’m pretty suspicious…

In the case of Majula handmade, which handcrafts headbands and accessories for girls in Poland, I was impressed by some poetic photos, by the accuracy of details, so I wanted to try. And I was positively amazed.

Sissi has many hair accessories, from the more simple and cheap for school (that can also be lost, we will not regret them) to the most important, both as a brand and as a price, which we care a lot and that we reserve for our important occasions. We know how to recognize a well done accessory and Majula Handmade is this: first of all accuracy in realization.

The headbands we have chosen for Sissi’s winter outfits and for the Christmas holidays are well finished, elaborate, decorated: nothing is left to chance and it seems almost to see their hands, far away in Poland, that work every single piece. These are not simple trimmings: there are silk, leather, velvet, lace. Noble materials that only enrich the precious work of Majula Handmade.

And once confirmed a good manufactory and an impeccable quality of materials, you can finally enjoy the good of a handmade article: customizationOn her Facebook page Majula Handmade shows models executed and worn, but you can require a color, a style, a particular shape, which becomes the perfect complement to your mini outfit.

Our models are different, in colours, in form and in realization: from the classic red headbands perfect for Christmas to the leather one with velvet strings, from the headband in shades of blue, tied behind with lace, to the one in the golden tones. Even the simplest dress will be enhanced by the creations of Majula Handmade.

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