MAM soothers

This is not meant to be a post on how to use the pacifier, but only about a product which for us is THE pacifier.

MAM is an Austrian company, very serious and modern, that pay attention especially to the problem teeth/pacifier and all their products have a particular attention to orthodontics aspects. Beyond the various personal positions on using or not the pacifier ( and it is obvious that we have opted to use it ) , I have to say that Sissi immediately loved the pacifier thanks to MAM pacifiers which seemed to me absolutely superior to all competitors !

These pacifiers are great to me first of all thanks to the material : it is an absolutely silky – soft Silicone (there is still the version in natural rubber , which I never tried).

There are various sizes that fit perfectly to baby’s mouth at various stages and development Orthodontic : Mam 0-2, Mam 2-6, Mam 6 +

mam02 mam26mam6+

From 6 months onwards, with the development of the dentition , you can also opt for the Mam Perfect, thinner and softer.


Each pacifier comes in single pack or in pairs, in a box that is also a microwave sterilizer ( for storage and convenient to carry around or traveling ) . There are some that glow in the dark ( fundamental for the night for both the baby andnyou!) . Also what to say …. they are also beautiful ! ! There is a wide choice of patterns.

The ultimate accessory is the tweezers ( universal for all types of MAM pacifier , but not for others): Mam Clip Twist


The only problem is this product is not easy to find as other brands of pacifier, so if your baby becomes MAM -addict I recommend you always bring with you a couple , otherwise in case of accidental loss you would not know where to buy one ….. and your baby probably would not want any other type of pacifier !

The prices are not very low , but given the quality of the product certainly appropriate : couples are € 10.95 , Perfect € 9.95 in single package , the tweezers € 7.95 .

They have a good website with an explanatory brochure (this one: mam – pacifier -brochure) and you can also buy them online. I have personally purchased the pacifiers and teething rings ( we’ll talk soon … ) and I must say that the shipping was prompt, all very well packed .


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