Meet Santa Claus in Napapiiri, Rovaniemi

How many times in your childhood did you write the letter to Santa Claus and on the envelope the address was “Santa Claus, Napapiiri, Arctic Circle”?

Until when children believe in Santa Claus?Until the disillusionment comes!
It may be because of an embittered adult, a older child, a schoolmate… or maybe a doubt that arises on its own, from reflection on the various Santas, a doubt that arises from the logic that overcomes the dream.

Santa Claus exists as long as you believe in him.
And believing is often not just a fact of mind, it is, indeed, a fact of heart. Religion teaches us: you always believe with the heart, it is not about reason or logic.

But if you see that that place exists, that Napapiiri is there and it is really at the Arctic Circle (indeed, it is its name in Finnish), that there are elves who work night and day, that there is a strange system to slow down the Earth’s rotation so that everything is possible in just ne night, if you meet an old bearded man, if you see all the letters sent from all over the world to the Post Office… Well, then you really have some concrete evidence of the existence of Santa Claus!

Rovaniemi is Santa Claus (but not only) and Santa Claus is Rovaniemi: in the capital of Lapland you can enjoy the experience of Santa Claus in many places.

You can live it first at all ages: everyone will take it to his own life, to far away childhood  in the case of adults or to present in the case of the youngest.
In adult’s head will resonate memories of the past Christmases, grandparents who maybe there are no more present, letters written at school, the anxious nights of Christmas Eve.
In the eyes of children only joy, emotion, illusion. Deep, the true and profound sense of childhood.

Santa Claus in Rovaniemi: Saint Park

In Santa Park it’s Christmas all year round: cross the doors and descend along the tunnel that will take you to a sort of cave populated by elves, Christmas trees, holiday decorations, workshops. First visit the Automated Sorting center of Christmas letters: are you on the list? Have you been good?
Meeting Santa Claus here is a must: you can have a chat with him and a photo (for a fee in addition to the price of admission).
There are several laboratories to create decorated biscuits, Christmas greeting card, small elves, figurines: all  can then be taken home!
The Magic Train leads to the discovery of the world of the Toy laboratory, while the elves show shows the final tests that they have to overcome to graduate elf… What acrobical exam!
We also witnessed a lesson in the School of Elves (and we learned a few words in Elvish!).
You can cross the line of the Arctic Circle undergound: only place in the world to do it, since we are at 50 meters below the entry level! To welcome you, the Arctic Wind and an ice princess in a polar setting: just take a coat and enter the ice room at -10°c!
There is also a playground themed Angry Bird, various shops with souvenirs and Christmas decorations, bars and restaurants.
Winter Season: €34.00 adults; €28.50 Children (3-12 years)
Winter Family Ticket (only available online): €109 2 adults + 2 children; €155 2 adults + 4 children

Santa Claus in Rovaniemi: SantaVillage

If Santa Park is a kind of indoor theme park and therefore sheltered from rain, cold, wind, snow, mosquitoes or… sun, Santa Village represents an experience connected to Santa Claus but also enlarged to the polar environment thanks to Reindeer Park, Husky Park and the line of the Arctic Circle.

But let’s start with Santa Claus: you’ll find it easily because on one of the roof tops of the many houses you will see the inscription “Santa is Here”.
The visit is free: just cross the shop, enter a tunnel and pass in front of the machine that slows the Earth’s rotation, climb the stairs, wait your turn and… here is Santa’s Office! He receives you between gifts, letters, lists and Christmas trees. Sitting next to the bearded man can be a bit intimidating, but his good eyes and his soft, sweet voice tell you it’s him. It’s really Santa Claus!
Only the photo have to be paid: to you the choice, but my advice is obviously to buy your gadget (and with the photo or video you will also be given a code to download the digital format)!
In the shop there is also a nice selection of books about Christmas, in various languages!

Santa Claus Main Post Office is a real office of the Finnish Posti: this means that from here the correspondence goes and really arrives!
The stamp of this post office is a collectible stamp, as well as its stamps: buy a postcard from here and choose whether to send it for an arrival in the following days or for Christmas.
The entrance to the Post Office is free and the postcards have varying costs starting from €1. The international stamp has an amount of €1.60 while the collector’s stamp has an amount of €5. At the Post office you can also see all the letters from many countries of the world.
You can also fill out a coupon and, at the cost of €8.90, get a surprise to your child for Christmas: a letter from Santa Claus or a certificate of goodness.

Who are the best friends of Santa Claus, in addition to the elves?
Reindeer and Husky! Loyal companions to pull the sleights!

You can feed and watch a small reindeer farm at Santa Claus Reindeer (admission €5 per person): reindeers in winter can also take you for a sleigh ride!

You can get to know a lot of curiosity and fall in love with ice-eyed dogs at Artic Circle Husky Park. A real breeding of husky dogs, in which the breeders will explain many curiosities about these beautiful animals. Also here in winter you can take a sleigh ride! I warn you: get ready to buy a husky dog on your way home, because they will really steal your heart! In Summer, tickets cost €10/adult, €5/children (4-12 years), family ticket €20 (1-2 adults + 1-3 children)

For more information about Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, you can find all the information on the official site of Visit Rovaniemi

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