Mini Rodini SS16: Fantasia

With today’s launch of spring/summer 2016 collection Drop 2  Mini Rodini finally shows us Fantasy in all its glory.

This collection is a dream.

It’s a beautiful dream: painted clouds, unicorns, hearts, rainbows … but not only, there are also: t-rex, mice, cats and rabbits, hippos and lucky clovers…

It’s just that: fantasy.

At this time no collection could fit more the age of Sissi: my 4-years-old-daughter lives in a fantasy world (that she perfectly distinguishes from reality) in which she basks, has fun, plays and often she lets us enter into this world full of magic and fantasy. Each item comes alive, every object through imagination can become a paintbrush and a minute later turns into a steering wheel, and again in a phone. She dreams of magic, talks to animals, has a small cloud mini-light, she reads her book about Frida Kahlo and dreams to do an interview, and to become a famous painter (though she wonders why Frida’s eyebrows are united …).

We loved drop 1, you have seen it on our socials and here are some outfits:

This drop 2 will help us, with dinosaurs, fighting a bully classmate… 

Mini Rodini prints (I repeated many times) are for our kids: if they seem excessive, don’t judge them with your adult eyes accustomed to looking at the world with a thousand shades of gray (and unfortunately are not taling about the fascinating Mr.Grey…), please try tpo loo at these garments like our kids watch them. With enthusiasm, with pride, with joy. Childhood is anything but gray: it is color. Sometimes it is even a unicorn with a mouse, a rabbit with a cat…

As parents, you are assured there is no toxic fashion (all organic cotton is GOTS certified), there is respect for the environment (even the packaging are recyclable) and for those who worked these garments. And above all there is understanding and respect for the childhood of your kids.

Good fantasy to everybody.


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