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Molo AW18 Collection: experiencing hygge… in Italy

Who more than the Danes know hygge? And what time of year is better than back to school and to work to start planning our days in Hygge style?

To understand what hygge is you have to try it.
It is to be curled up on the sofa with the ones you love.
It is the feeling of being at home, safe, conversing on the small or big things in life, or sipping a cup of tea by yourself.

Speaking of Hygge in Denmark is always relatively simple: a modus vivendirooted in the Danish soul, including candles, steaming mugs of tea, design and books.

But what can be our Italian hygge? How to seek the way of happiness according to our summer moods and our Mediterranean soul?

Molo AW18 Collection: experiencing hygge… in Italy

As Meik Wiking teaches us, hygge must be sought in the small daily things, in those pleasures that together form a series of true moments, unique, that make us feel truly serene and in peace with the world and make us understand that happiness very often resides in little things.

September is a month that I particularly love: after summer holidays, often full of trips, of sun and crowded beaches, to get late in the evening, you go back to normal. Normality reassures in some way: the (apparent) boredom of everyday life returns to us to dwell in moments of reflection. You leave the – pleasant – noise of summer behind and immerse yourself in that atmosphere that slowly becomes more and more hygge.

We searched Hygge on a Saturday afternoon in September: the cloudy sky, the evening breeze, a relaxing walk on the beach. In Italy in autumn/winter beaches change a lot their mood: they are not so crowded with people (and objects) as in summer and in this time of year you can really enjoy views, wind, sand, marine fresh air.
It is the time of year when our Mediterranean beaches look like Northern Europe beaches (the ones we love so much) and emerges an almost nostalgic feeling, but also a feeling of wellbeing in nature.

In this walk in search of Hygge Sissi wears Fall/Winter 2018/19 collection by Molo,  inspired by hygge in a large part of the collection. And who better than a Danish brand could show us the way to hygge? Molo combines delicate colors, like those of the T-shirt with a message that we all would like to convey to our children, to more intense shades, such as the blue of the light bomber perfect for the first cold and with the must-have of the season midi skirt pleated with interior in tulle and stripes in shades of blue. The finishing touch? The scrunchie in blue velvet!

You can buy Molo garments in many online stores and in the best boutiques all across the world.

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