Molo AW18 Time to be present Capsule Collection: the perfect look for back to school

Detach from technology and live the present, live every moment intensely, with all five senses: this is the mood of the capsule collection launched by Molo to celebrate its 15th birthday. It is titled – not by chance – Time to be present and fascinated us so much to carry some pieces around with us in our BlogTour in Finland.

Molo AW18 Time to be present Capsule Collection: the perfect look for back to school

This capsule collection is not only perfect for interpreting a unique style and conveying an important message for our children, urging them to live a healthy and true childhood, full of real relationships, of games (like in our childhood, in the backyard), of music, but it’s also perfect for back to school. Easily matched pieces, sweatshirts perfect for half season in 5 colours to match with jeans, with black, but also with other garments of the AW18 collection of Molo, like the velvet dress, the sporty-chic trousers with cool lateral ruffles, the pleated skirt in denim. And if you want the big version… you can find it! The sweatshirts are also available in adult sizes for a mini-me full of meaning.

And then Time to be present are the games in the backyard, with chalks, writing like in street art:

Time to be present are also great classic games like The Bell, in which you can challenge yourself to the sound of jumps:

Time to be present is feeling the music with your heart and dance with your eyes closed:

Time to be present is also browsing through a history book to discover everything about dinosaurs:

Time to be present is being amazed by the view from a glass igloo that looks at the stars and gives us the thrill of an Aurora Borealis:

Time to be present is jumping on a bed with Santa Claus reindeer:

Time to be present is NOW, it is that time that children dedicate to the real game, with friends or family, with siblings or with us parents. And there’s really never been a better way to spend time.

You can discover the new capsule collection in Molo stores and in the official webshop

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