A walk in the Latin Quarter of Copenhagen and a green dinner at Väkst

“We were silent, tired, and happy, and it was pure hygge.”  ― Meik Wiking, the Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well

The Latin Quarter is one of the most interesting areas of Copenhagen. Its name is derived from Latin, synonymous with a place of study: in fact in this area you can find many young people and students, since the campus of the University of Copenhagen is right here. The Latin Quarter is famous for its meeting places, bars, cafès and restaurantes, alternative shops and 17th century architecture. 

A walk in the Latin Quarter can begin with a greedy stop, at La Glace, a bakery of excellence, created by Nicolaus Henningsen in 1870 and where you can taste cakes, chocolates, tea and coffee. After stocking up on sugar, you can visit the Copenhagen Cathedral and then follow Skindergade to one of Copenhagen’s most famous attractions: the Round Tower Rundetaarn. This 268.5 meters high tower is one of the oldest observatories (it was built in the 17th century by the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe), but above all it is still working! Just climb along the spiral staircase and enjoy the view! A small detour to the beautiful Kultorvet, where in ancient times the inhabitants of the Danish capital bought coal for the stoves, then head for the library and the University of Copenhagen.

Through Sankt peders Stræde you can reach Rådhuspladsen and Tivoli Gardens… But maybe it’s time for a break for lunch or dinner!

Väkst: A green restaurant in which to experience the true Hygge

Väkst (pronounced Vekst) is the latest addition to the range of high quality restaurants at the right prices of Cofoco. The restaurant is just a walking distance from Copenhagen’s city center main attractions and is perfect for you if you are looking for something with an intimate yet modern atmosphere, with refined dishes rooted in Danish tradition (and, literally, in Danish land).

The style is reflected not only in the culinary creations, but also in the design and furnishings of the restaurant: a green and lush two-levels greenhouse is the real heart of the restaurant, which transports its guests in a green garden. The rooms are filled with suspended plants that bring nature up to your table, while the many lights, very hyggelist, create an intimate, pleasant, gathering atmosphere that mimics a Danish summer evening that never ends. Even if, as in our case, outside is cold and it’s snowing!

As in all of Denmark, children are always well received, pampered: their needs, both entertainment and culinary, are always attended. It will be easy to find something from the menu to be adapted for them: an excellent steak or a fish, simple, without sauces, and with a side of mashed potatoes surely can make them happy! According to Sissi the mashed potatoes made by Väkst is better than mine and the steak is better than at home!

Sankt Peders Stræde 34
1453 København K
Web hostvakst.dk/en
Email vaekst@cofoco.dk
Phone + 45 3841 2727

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