New Uniqlo x JW Anderson collection

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO announces the launch of the collection in collaboration with UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON Fall/Winter 2020 starting Thursday, October 15. The latter combines the innovative design that JW ANDERSON brings to traditional British clothing with UNIQLO Lifewear, a commitment to fit, materials and functionality.

The theme of the new collection is A Day in London. It is inspired by the focus of the fall/winter 2019 collection The Great British Outdoors which through LifeWear reinterprets British classics in an exploration of the city of London, in particular through iconic checkered and montgomery motifs. My creative process deepens the essence of things, and the looks of this collection that come with it embody my personality and that of the UNIQLO brand.

Jonathan Anderson

New Uniqlo x JW Anderson collection: British classics designed for modern life

At Day in London he imagined a quick morning walk to the market, or an afternoon spent relaxing with his favorite book wearing a luxurious wardrobe, modelled on daily life in this fine city. A general atmosphere of relaxed tradition lights up with JW ANDERSON’s characteristic features such as warm shades of olive, navy blue, anthracite gray, and amber, as well as patchwork patterns and asymmetry to help reinvigorate the wearer in the gray months to come.

New Uniqlo x JW Anderson collection: an easy-to-coordinate and fun children’s collection to wear

The children’s collection, which debuted last season, is back in high demand. It includes fleece vests and pleated skirts that easily coordinate with adult outfits, as well as striped hats and knitted neck warmers that make winter life comfortable and fun.

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