Our Manifesto: Letkidsbekids

Why Letkidsbekids?

​Because I deeply believe that childhood is the golden age in everyone’s life, an important period for the formation of personality, to build the individuals of tomorrow, a period of true carefreeness, in which you can experience the world.

​EVEN in kids fashion.
Kids fashion too often is just a business that relies on the pride of the parents, son of the ’80s / 90s, who wants to see their kids branded. A fashion that leverages the aspirations of adults reflected on children. No eco-conscious and respectful of the skin of our children, of their health, and finally of the environment. A fashion that hinders children’s game, uncomfortable.

Letkidsbekids is exactly the opposite of all this and it is also much more.

​Kids fashion that respects the philosophy of letkidsbekids is a slow fashion, which is opposed to fast fashion and that stimulates re-use among siblings, because garments were born to last, to always be beautiful.

Letkidsbekids winks at the little ones, stimulating their imagination, embracing art and design, invading accessories for everyday life.

​Our Letkidsbekids also speaks through photography: often advertising campaigns in kids fashion are born exactly like those for adult fashion. Often in studio, with colored backgrounds to highlight ONLY the brand. Often with make-up and hairstyles that transform girls into Lolita and boys into mini-lords.
Often photography in kids fashion does not transmit emotions but remains something cold, unnatural, built.
Perfect works from a technical point of view, they remain only a good publicity and rarely, in my opinion, encourage the purchase.
The essence of the child, who is the true consumer of kids fashion, is rarely caught. And often do not transmit emotions to those who buy clothes for children, mainly mothers.
Motherhood is also made (or perhaps, above all) of emotionality and emotions drive the purchase, almost on impulse, like when something captures you so much that you want it at all costs.

​This is what closes the circle: a sustainable fashion at 360 degrees, loved by children – end users – and that excites mothers – main buyers – and that respect health, environment and workers. And that makes us firmly believe that the future can have only one name: Letkidsbekids. 

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