We are still at home, Sissi with flu… and then: let’s play to organize the closet! It’s time to put away something that has become small, to pull off something bought in advance for this spring/summer, to organize some gifts she received ( 🙂 ) and to put in order our purchases made during the sales!

We used something immediately, such as the MAA sneakers (which we took on Fourmonkeys and we are using very often), some body from Petit Bateau and some leggings and a t-shirt taken from Zara (where it is practically impossible to find the size of Sissi on sale) …

Here are our other purchases, all bought with a bit perspective (self following my sales tips), and for which I used the same list of stores where I poked around almost every day and I shared with you:

From Disney Store, something with Doc Mc.Stuffin was inevitable, even if I do not like t-shirts with characters from TV …

An entire Pale Cloud purchase (mainly summer clothes) from Mora Scandinavian Emporium

A black/white dress with black starlets from Benetton Kids

An entire Soft Gallery purchase (two for summer and two for autumn) again from Mora Scandinavian Emporium

Could we miss Latte Mama? Mini Rodini and Bonnie Baby, thinking of autumn …

Blouses by Cordelia de Castellane, thinking of autumn, of kindergarten … but maybe we’ll try some of them even this spring …

Stella Mc Cartney Kids for autumn

Dolce&Gabbana: a t-shirt (which would be underwear but also I like a lot alone) and a blouse for September.

This is it. Sale ended. And now … it’s time to think about this spring! Tomorrow we will continue to organize the closet: surely we’ll need something 😉

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