I was surfing the web… lately I’ve been too busy and when I have some time (seconds) free I look a million things on my Iphone and send to my mail the link to watch, analyze, study more calmly, so I found PaquitoLAND, ie the most interactive part of the site of a web store that I love, Imaginarium!


PaquitoLAND is divided into sections: Ebooks, Games, Applications, Videos, Music, Language, and Free. In some sections (like in the ebooks) is also divided into age groups! Personally, I prefer the sections Ebooks, Apps and Languages ​​… but really there is something for everyone!

Orienting on ITunes or GooglePlay when we want to buy something digital (either an ebook or an app or a game) is not simple and often you end up downloading even useless things or not so well done and educational as we wanted …

Here is a selection of what I’ve chosen to Sissi, what do you think?


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