Pierre Marcolini: best chocolate in Bruxelles

I love chocolate… dark, as black as possible, and in all its forms : alone, with orange, or red pepper, or sea salt… It’s definitely a Mum’s treat: a small pleasure to be enjoyed alone or with friends… So I’d like to introduce you to one of the most important in the world Maître Chocolatier: Pierre Marcolini.

I confess that until a few years ago I even knew who he was (World Champion in Pastry, since 1995 has achieved his success), then a trip to Brussels (with Sissi newborn) made me discover him… His shop is located in the area of the beautiful Place du Grand Sablon (famous for its antique shops and classy restaurants), on Rue Des Minimes 1. The shop is small, on two floors, with minimalist design: at the ground floor you can enjoy even small products of exquisite pastries, while at the first floor there is a great display of chocolates and tablets.

His “collection” of chocolates ranks among the most prized and expensive in the world (about 80 euro for 400 grams of chocolate): pralines, square of chocolate, truffles, cookies, macaroons, candy, goodies and confectionery products: in the universe of Marcolini chocolate is truly art!

Here’s my box, which I still have … obviously empty!


You can buy online or you can find it at Selfridges in London or in his three stores in Paris, here is the list of all the stores.

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