Pitti Bimbo 85: Monnalisa SS18 fashion show. Are you ready to dream?

At every edition of Pitti Bimbo, Monnalisa fashion show is simply the place to be.

There are many reasons: not only a fashion show that presents Spring/Summer 2018 collection, but also an exceptional scenography in an exceptional location (redundant words, but just wait for the photos…). Also this year Monnalisa has enchanted buyers and press in the Garden of Villa Corsini al Prato, in the historical center of Florence.

You know I love architecture and the history of architecture, a bit for job and a bit for personal passion: before showing you Monnalisa fashion show, I want to tell you something about this beautiful location, which normally it is visitable (so if you take a trip to Florence… report on your Moleskine!)

The garden of Villa Corsini al Prato: Location of Excellence

At present the Corsini Garden, as well as the palace, is visitable. During the month of May it hosts the event Crafts & Palazzo, born in 1995 from an idea of Neri Torrigiani and promoted by Princess Georgiaa Corsini, mainly to reevaluate the figure of the craftsman and his work.

In 1591 Alessandro Acciaiuoli asked Bernardo Buontalenti to design a palace with a large garden. Buontalenti realized the complex plumbing to lead the water to the fountains, with paths for the routes bounded by rare and sumptuous backs of cedars, the loggia and the large windows kneeling. In 1620 the Corsini family bought the property and commissioned Gherardo Silvai to complete the residence and the garden. Silvai creates a classic Italian garden, very used in that historical period, bordered by large lemon groves, with geometric flower beds and boxwood hedges. The conches of the lemons and the central path with the statues constitute a real scenography and arise the Baroque taste of the architect. To obtain an effect of greater perspective depth, the pedestals of the statues are of different sizes. In the garden there is also a small labyrinth, obtained using laurel hedges, three lemon plantations and two small groves where the Corsini family loved to relax and cool off from the summer heat.

For a long time mainly used as summer residence of the Corsini, from 1834 it became permanent residence of Neri Corsini of Laiatico and his wife. The garden houses about 180 citrus trees, has three large lemon groves and roams freely a hundred turtles of a secular colony.

You can access it from Via Del Prato 58 or via La Scala 115.

Monnalisa SS18: the fashion show

The scenography of the SS18 fashion show of Monnalisa is the loggia of the Palazzo del Buontalenti, covered for the occasion by flowering branches, as well as the access that seems really born to accommodate the catwalk.

Continue reading because I tell you the parade even from her point of view 😉

Spring/Summer 2018 Monnalisa collection has a joyful and effervescent style: flowers and prints triumph cheerful, as in the ’70. The trendy prints are tropical or floral, in romantic brocades. The dresses have a vaguely gipsy style, with Baiadera necklines and high-waisted skirt with cascades of ruffles, in lace or in georgette. The girls are going crazy about the sequined tops and the corolla skirts. The trend of the bomber does not stop: the classic model becomes hyperfeminine with floral embroidery and it becomes perfect even for the warm season thanks to the extralight fabric , sometime is is enlightened with sequins, with nylon sleeves and tropical overprinted fantasies. Unexpected hoods, short and lurex brocade with bell sleeves. For the skirts the watchword is volume: wide or in layers, better if in multiply tulle, illuminated by lurex and handled by flounces. The trousers embrace the Seventies style with a slightly legged leg with frayed edges, cropped with metal bands or parachute in funny pajama effect. The tops become micro, often ruched with large balloon sleeves, or in impalpable muslin fringed with a tripole.

You followed us on Instagram Stories Live (you can also find the videos on the Facebook page of SissiWorld), and here are all the photos of the show by Emily Kornya photographer

The big news for Monnalisa SS18: Monnalisa FOREVER, a mini-me capsule for mom and girl

How many times have you said, looking at your little girl dressed Monnalisa, that you would like her clothes for you? From spring/Summer 2018 your desire finally becomes reality: Monnalisa has created a capsule for mom and girl with twelve outfits and two special outerwear, in sizes Mini-me, rethought for the mother, for an ironic “Maxi You”.
Not a mini-me in which the girls ape US adult women, but finally coordinated dresses to wear together, to feel closer and to smile, but studied for the physicality of the mother and the child. Women’s garments are developed in the sizes XS-S-M-L and have the fit adapted to the mothers of today: irresistible gipsy dresses in fancy georgette for the most ironic, trapeze dress with calle print for the most Bon-ton, tulle with blouse with bell sleeves for the most witty, mini-jacket in faux leather embroidered for the most rock, lace tunic for the most romantic.
Finally wearing a Monnalisa will really be ageless, it will really FOREVER.

The parade seen with the eyes of… Sissi

Are you curious to know what Sissi thought? It was not the first show at which she attended and she’s accustomed to live in a bunch of clothes, cameras, events… In short, she was not hit by a dress in particular or by the Princess dress as one could expect from a child of her age: her analytical eye of 5-and-a-half year old girl fell on some key items, those who asked me to buy immediately !

Her favorite piece (even mine, honestly):

The tops with the naked belly have literally brightened her eyes: (click to enlarge!)

Finally, some details, special accessories such as the headband with the veils, the rigorously white long gloves and the handbag. And to my question “when will you wear them?” Her response was “of course when I change after school and go out together, maybe shopping.”

Among the various collections presented during Monnalisa SS18 fashion show, my preference as taste, as mom and as a kids fashion blogger certainly goes to Jakioo (the most trendy and casual collection, which dresses from 6 to 16 years), which represents a little girl almost impertinent, who wears a streetwear style in which tropical prints, sequined bombers, striped parachute pants and maxi sleeves stand out.

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