Pitti Bimbo digital edition: a sustainable selection for children

Pitti Bimbo addressed the restrictions due to Covid-19 by immediately focusing on digital: February/March 2021 edition presented in their digital platform fall winter collections for the next season 2021/22, hoping that it will be precisely the one that will see our children return to play around, travel and hug.

We read everywhere that post-Covid life will still be different, certainly it will be more aware and attentive to our planet: always passionate about green and sustainable fashion, we offer you a selection of sustainable fashion brands for children, met at Pitti Bimbo thanks to LittlePopUp.


Goodbye to virgin cashmere, welcome to the regenerated cashmere! A single material for an ethical and circular production entirely made in Italy.
Why use new fibers when you can use existing ones? The key according to B&T lies in the famous 3R, Recycle – Reuse – Reduce. Next to these, customization: you can in fact choose your own favourite words and have them embroidered by hand in Paris in 12 colors.


Isleande comes from Finland and is a children’s clothing and accessories brand created for endless summers. The brand dresses children from 1 to 10 years old, with a collection made of linen, natural fabric produced ecologically and in Chanderi, a silk-cotton mixture that is both breathable and brilliantly bright.

A brand that relies on production in a small family-run factory where the process is followed from start to finish. Without being driven by trends, each garment will be lived and loved and durable enough to be passed on to the next generation. There are no prints, the collections enchant thanks to the details in the cut and the lightness of the materials. Each style that has a pattern has been hand-embroidered from start to finish, with each point expertly applied by expert hands.


Born in 2019, Bianca&Noe is a sustainable Italian brand, born in the Piedmont region, dedicated to children from 2 to 9 years old. It debuted in 2020 with a Spring-Summer collection certified “Master of linen” in pure linen grown in Normandy and spun in Italy from excellence in the sector. The garments are of high quality, natural, comfortable and safe, suitable for the delicate skin of children. The search for innovative materials is important for the brand: flax, hemp, eucalyptus, nettle and, soon, limited editions with lotus and pineapple flower fibers. The fabrics are completely natural, biodegradable, eco-friendly, traceable.
The modern and minimal style is inspired by the tradition of Piedmontese tailoring where experience and passion are handed down from generation to generation to offer always unique garments to contemporary children.

With “Little Planet Waves” Bianca&Noe presents a collection that is a ode to friendship and kindness: a culture of positivity and that is the sum of all those little acts of love that children are capable of.
Love for nature and animals, curiosity towards the world, creative energy, dreaming force.

Artemis & Apollon

Artemis & Apollon is a clothing line that shares Greek mythology, its heroes and their adventures with children around the world through storytelling and illustration. Each garment has a stimulating story to tell and a mythological friend to meet. Embracing the philosophy of slow fashion and working exclusively with ethical partners, Artemis & Apollon ensures that the brand preserves not only the past, but also the future of the next generation.


Lmn3/Elementary was born more as a feeling, as a reaction to the state of fashion and the impact it has on the environment, rather than to create another children’s brand. It’s a conscious choice. All fabrics are consciously chosen: recycled, organic and natural fibers that include cotton, linen, Tencel-Lyocell. All swimwear is made of recycled polyester. The collections and prints are designed exclusively in the Vienna-based studio and are produced in a GOTS and SMETA certified factory in Portugal.

Origin takes inspiration from the colors rooted in ourselves and in our surroundings. It is a playful discovery of our roots and our primary emotions: digging into our hearts, we bring out all the fun and good that there is, even on the darkest winter days.


UPA was founded at the end of 2015 thanks to the bond of 3 generations of strong creative women, whose artistic journey started from Lithuania to reach Ireland.

UPA’s aesthetic was inspired by the first knitted dress by a grandmother to the daughter of one of the brand’s founders. Since then, UPA creator Vaida Rasciute has built her collections by blending sustainable natural fabrics with contemporary designs. UPA encourages unexpected layering and styling options that encourage creativity and multifunctional use. Silk fabrics are carefully selected and many knitted garments will offer even more opportunities for new style options within the collection: luxury reaches a new level where sustainability is a new normal.

Natasha-mè is a collection based on a true story that happened in Florence.
Each dress has a face. It’s Natasha. When your child is sad or unhappy about something, anxiety and stress could be avoided by pointing it out to Natasha, not to them: it’s a fun way to always feel good.

Napaani People

napaani is a natural and carefree lifestyle, relaxed. The brand creates functional and creative garments, full of energy and love, using 100% sustainable, natural and organic materials. As models in catalogues, fashion shows, websites, multiracial children and young people with Down syndrome and other disabilities are chosen because diversity and inclusion are firm points for the brand.

The fall winter 21/22 “Ku’una” collection (in Hawaiian means tradition) evokes the best of traditions, bringing back timeless styles. The current situation has taught us all something important: time stops and humanity must reconsider its priorities. Now we know that we can do more with less, we see the world again in a grain of sand and we go back to our traditions.

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