Playtime Paris: family is the heart of the 25th edition

Everything starts in the family: the one in which we are born, beginning our journey in life, the one that grows and educates us and that makes us individuals able to choose and live in this world. 25th edition of Playtime Paris chooses The Family theme for the presentation of the autumn/winter 2019/20 collections, declining it in 3 trend spaces.

With 44 nationalities represented and 63% of international exhibitors, Playtime Paris once again confirms its global position in the world of children’s fashion. Among 418 brands that return to Paris for 25th edition of Playtime Paris, 130 new brands: a record number for Playtime, which never ceases to reinvent itself and propose many interesting novelties for the pleasure of exhibitors and visitors.

Among the names in Fashion section: ai riders of the storm • airfish • anaychay paris • bimbello • bomboogie • bonjour little • bricktown • broer & zus • c’era una volta • claude & co. • club cinq • colletine • cooiii  • dal lago • dear mini • disana • faire child • fin & vince • gigome • goss • hey soleil • hiro23b • illaconfetti • kitz heimat • lallymally • latte baby and child • ledum • • lillan gorillan • lilli & leopold • luna luna collection • main story • mamy factory • même • moka • monbebe • moun ten • my bella moon • naoia • nasha • no sugar • ocean & ground • pimsa • smitten organic • spilow • tane organics • the middle daughter • toastie pig • your wishes • woolrex

In accessories section: boumy • bundgaard • ella & monster accessories • five eleven • hello hossy • light + nine • lindo • maison pollux  • mama siesta • pom pom • tchutcha

The area dedicated to Lifestyle continues its expansion and will host 30 new names, including: bermbach • cité candide • dear eco • élhée • fabliek • fox and roses • funky giraffe • gabrielle paris • happy sammies • jollein • june 22 • kusi wawa • la tête dans le bocal • linea mammababy • maisonnée • maylily • merrybonbon • miffy • minimize • mon fab’l • my little love • pehr • picca loulou • playforever • popote • portraits de villes for kids • quut • raduga grëz • rainette • senger naturwelt • souza • wild hearts wonder • wwf cuf cub • zaffiro

This edition of Playtime brings back NEW NOW: the goal of this interesting section is to emphasize the emerging brands that participate for the first time to the show. At its second edition, this space will move to the Vincennes Pavilion, near the north entrance. The NEW NOW will be designed in collaboration with the Italian designers of Playwood that will give space to 12 new brands in a sort of gigantic wooden construction game. The 12 brands present have been selected by our colleague (and friend) Romaine Coonghe, the creative mind of Junior Style London and the new Tangerene magazine: alas de rayas (Spain) • anyware (Great Britain) • britannical (Great Britain) • changemacouche (France) • faune (Great Britain) • folk made (Japan) • nellie quats (Great Britain) • petit kolibri (Germany) • petit mioche (United States) • rko (Georgia) • we a family (Great Britain) • yöli & otis (Australia)

Trend: Happy Families

The designer Karen Lebrati will give life to the spaces dedicated to 3 main trends on the theme of the family through twenty silhouettes of children with their kids outfit and a selection of perfectly indispensable items!

The Committed Family is a family engaged in issues related to ecology that transforms its beliefs into actions. It builds an environmentally friendly and entertaining approach, embracing new technologies that can provide sustainable solutions to environmental problems. Common sense, resourcefulness and innovation are the watchwords of this kind of family. Nothing is thrown away: things are reused, renewed. Their wardrobe is offered a second life with a cheerful remix of vintage pieces. The materials are recycled, the wool recovered and recompose, the furniture and the toys are made of paper, wood or bioplastics. The models have country-style coloured checks motifs, they report the poetry of everyday life, naïve designs such as those made by children and stylized animals. The color palette combines primary colors with a range of natural greens and urban greys.

The Tech Nomads is the travel family, the one who decides to take a break from our overly hectic urban life and to leave for a trip around the world. An adventure that will change their relationships with places and people. A semi-nomadic life punctuated by pauses in hidden cabins immersed in nature, while remaining always connected with the rest of the world through new technologies. This family will bring back ethnic and contemporary folkloristic objects of design from this tour. This kind of family adopts a modern, minimalist wardrobe that combines natural materials and technical finishes. The colors are neutral and shaded, creamy white, glacier green, dry grass, contrasting with night blue and bordeaux.

The Creative Gang is a collective with fluid contours, a kind of creative band that cultivates a sense of sharing and a taste for experimentation. A family that is based on goodwill and creative emulation, for which games, creative laboratories and cuisine are shared, they all come together, believing that wealth derives from the fusion of different sensitivities. The materials are suitable for work and laboratories: flannel, quilted hoodies and raw denim, assorted with rubbery or shiny textures. Clothing and furnishings are modular, reversible and often unisex, giving space to all interpretations. In terms of models, artistic flowers are joined to the color block and check in the laboratory style. The shades of color reflect the life in the studio, combining the colors of the leather, the denim of work clothes and the colors of nature.

Buttercrumble: a Family portrait

Buttercrumble, the British creative duo formed by Chloe and Abigail Baldwin, inspired by the theme of the family of Playtime Paris, will create a large-scale group portrait of the participants in the event. This fun mural will be unveiled for the duration of the show and encourage the participation of those who will visit.

The creative English duo of Buttercrumble blends perfectly graphic design and illustration with an ethical mood that always rips a smile. From the addictive storytelling, the two graphics give life to their creations and always embody fun. They are passionate about socially committed design and believe that creativity can also solve problems, lead people to ask themselves questions and inspire action. Buttercrumble has partnered with UK organizations such as The Royal Armouries, Chester Zoo, BBC Women in Sport.

Playtime Paris: Where and when

Playtime Paris 25th Edition
26-28 January 2019
Parc Floral de Paris

For info:

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