Playtime Paris waiting for 24th edition

Playtime Paris returns to the Parc Floral from June 30 to July 2 for its 24th edition.
A season under the theme of Kindness, as a praise to mutual help and sharing between professionals passionate about their profession.

The show will host in its 24th edition nearly 540 brands for children and future mothers, around 100 of which will exhibit for the first time. A renewal synonymous with beautiful discoveries for who will travel the three sectors of the show: Fashion, Lifestyle and Maternity.

Some of the newcomers in kids fashion are: acebo’s, ann&margaux, bébébébé, bellusa, blanc j, bonmot organic, boumy, cendry, chipote pas, citron jaune, clic!, clö&tilde, delicate love, eleven paris, falke, flakiki, fluff, fred&ginger, heart of gold, hust & claire, illuminated apparel, jelly mallow, jolee môme, kaleidoscope, kidwild organics, kingdom of origin, klaus, haapaniemi giants, lil boo, little mouse, little yucca, macci macci, maki blush, matona, mayaya, mimi & bart, mimiciel, minnow swim, mon petit poids, nics + bees, nina & more, ninina, no biggie, patt’touch, pax, pezpunto, saj, scamp & dude, telegraph ave, the eugéns, velveteen boys, we are kids.
Maternity newcomers: avishag arbel maternity, gebe maternity, neuvième ciel.
Lifestyle Newcomers: apero knit manufactory, boep, dandydill way, don’t cry wolf, dans un nuage, eggmania, elva, eve & rose, esta home, home by door, hugg cribb, juste inséparables, lavandiska, les boardies, les jolies planches, little champions, little lolette, little unicorn, malabar baby, meraki, miss nella, noodoll, ottoline london, petit monkey, petite manucurist, playin choc, poofi, porompompero, wigiwama, wobbel

More novelties on the NEW NOW space, with a selection made for the second time by Cécile Roederer, president of the family concept store Smallable: twelve promising brands making their first steps at Playtime Paris: aamcevoy (Irland), a monday in copenhagen (Denmark), annice (Spain), me in wien (Austria), mia y lia (Spain), orangeheat (United States), petite amalie (Australia), small stories (United Kingdom), the campamento (Spain), the new society (Spain), timirim (Brasil), troisoeurs (France)

Playtime Paris waiting for 24th edition: trends

What sort of planet will we leave to our children and what sort of children will we leave to our planet? wonders Pierre Rabhi (French writer, farmer and environmentalist).
The creation of a better world is no utopia. With values like respect, sharing, and love, we can build a kind future! It is with this deliberately optimistic mindset that trend-setter Julie Malait will present three distinct streams. To illustrate these trends, three artists are invited to share their own vision of these themes through original installations specially created for the show.


Surrounded by flowers and animated with a sense of respect for our planet and all the good things it has to offer, let us celebrate the cult of the mother goddess. Our children return to nature to better follow the cycles of the planet; spring is synonymous with renewal and, this summer, we shall reap the fruits of a better world!

Key words: hyper-naturalness, protection of the planet, spirituality, life cycle, nature, ecology, respect, flower power, wild, mother goddess
Materials: muslin, Georgette
Colors : ocres, coral, forest green, blue lagoon, hibiscus, orchid
Prints: floral
Key pieces: flower crowns, dresses, sandals

Invited artists : Atelier ID Textile
Marion and Sylvie Breton – duo mother-daughter – play with the reinterpretation of traditional textile techniques and the diversion of materials. An approach resolutely turned towards experimentation, the sharing of knowledge and skills, and creative recycling. On the Nova Gaïa trend space they will present a series of XXL chandeliers that nature seems to have invaded.


Individualism has shown its limits. The time has come to return to a spirit of mutual assistance, like in artisan guilds. New tribes are created around the idea of sharing and exchanging, new relationships are forged and are more ethical and authentic. Together, we are so much stronger!

Key words: community, guild, mutual assistance, association, Arts & Crafts, shaker, modest art, essential traditional know-how, sharing, tribe
Materials: vintage denim, cotton cloth, gabardine
Colors: terracotta, indigo, gray
Prints: Navajo prints, Shibori
Key pieces: work jacket, Bermuda shorts

Invited artists : W& / Wand studio
W & for «Weaving &», Wand Studio is a Weaving & Graphics studio created by Lucie Laustriat and Fleur Pinsard. After a stint in the Arts Décos de Paris in Graphic Design and almost ten years of shared projects, Lucie and Fleur synthesize with W & Studio an experimental approach in which the thread and the material draw the image and the volume. Graphic design and weaving inspire each other to give life to projects of images, objects and scenography. The work presented at Playtime will also be a new experiment, mixing contemporary graphics and ancestral technique.


The mantra of the summer will be: Peace and Love! Our hearts brimming with optimism, we appease the world with positive energy. Time to love your neighbor as yourself. A kind future isn’t a utopia, all it takes is to imagine and then to act. Our dreams can change reality!

Key words: Love your neighbor, positive thoughts, optimism, soothe the world, tenderness, positive energy, love
Materials: Jersey, fleece
Colors : mandarin, mauve, pink quartz, turquoise, lemon curb
Prints: typography, messages
Key pieces: t-shirts, fleece shorts, canvas sneakers

Invited artist : Lucille Michieli
Trained at the Estienne school, Lucille has worked for several years in children’s fashion as illustrator and set designer. Attached to the themes of childhood, discovery, games and the imaginary, she likes to build through the drawing and the volume of the dream worlds. Her installation ‘Yes’ is a great cry of optimism; an assemblage of happy, colorful and delicate shapes that tell a story of sharing and joy.

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