Prada shoes for kids: our shopping

Here is the result of Sissi shopping on Saturday (this was her outfit for shopping ): new shoes because she reached the number 23!

It’s a strange number because every shoes brand makes two groups : 18-23 (which should be the so-called “first steps” ) and 24-35 ( for “older” children) .
Now we just passed 23, but our tastes meet most of the second group !
Of course we always want brands that pay attention and care to feet …
so the choice has not been easy: we were at Naturino store, at Tod’s – Hogan store and at Prada store, where finally, just in the latter, we found some shoes – in our opinion – beautiful and comfortable !

Obviously the quality is great, but – most important – they are very comfortable (just like those for the adults! Even the most vertiginous heels are not painful with Prada shoes!) and very versatile because they can be paired with dresses or even pants! They are entirely made of high-quality leather and the sole is made of a non-slip rubber, perfect for Sissi’s crazy racings! I could not resist and bought some beautiful black skinny Prada jeans for me…


20131024-164459.jpg   20131024-164506.jpg

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