Rubens Barn: when a rag doll can be beautiful and green

When do you become too big for a rag doll? In my opinion, never! For Christmas Sissi received a new friend and finally I feel really safe not only during the moment of the game, but especially at the time of sleep.

Having suffered from allergies and laryngospasm, we have never been inclined to let her sleep with the classic plush toys… She is now resigned and sleeps only with her Doudou. She has a lot of plush toys but she knows that her favourite ones have to stay on the bed remaining at the bottom, near her feet.

Finally with Poppy we have a friend who can sleep with Sissi! 

Poppy is one of the Rubens Barn’s dolls from the EcoBuds line, made from organic cotton, certified by OCS. Not only OCS: these dolls comply with all the international safety requirements. In addition to the CE mark, they comply EN-71, Part 1, 2 & 3 and ASTM. Poppy is soft, cute, safe and… machine washable!

Rag doll at 6 years old? YES, Rubens Barn are empathic dolls

Yes! Rubens Barn’s dolls are empathic dolls: this means that, taking them in their arms, they develop a sense of empathy, thanks to the details with which they are realized, able to develop in the child understanding and communication. They are soft and cute: holding them and looking at their sweet gaze, with a smile that captures your kids’ attention, they manage to create a real emotional bond.

Since arriving at our home, Poppy and Sissi are inseparable. A friend to play with and to look after with affection, with which my little girl can finally sleep in safety!

Rubens Barns dolls are designed and produced in Sweden. From 1998 Rubens Barn produces dolls with a great attention to quality, design and production process. Every doll is really unique: it is made by hand, with high quality soft materials. Each child should remain just a child as long as possible, without haste to grow, cuddling her doll like a friend for how long she wants.

Every Rubens Barn doll is sold in a box and for each line there are many accessories with which your kid can have fun: from raincoat to pacifier and bottle!

In these photos Sissi wears a total look from Mar Mar Copenhagen, thights from Calzedonia Kids and shoes from Garvalin: I leave you the detail.

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