Rugs for children: how to choose them?

Children’s rugs add a sort of collection point, as well as a backdrop, to make children play in their rooms and can also be useful for delimiting their playing areas.

Children’s rugs are the perfect complement to the bedrooms, at all ages: they can serve to discover new things, thanks to different designs, colors, numbers, letters and maps, which encourage learning in a fun way.

When thinking about the decoration of the children’s room, we often forget to consider the possibility of inserting children’s rugs. It scares us that they can attract dust, that they can stain, that children slip… Finally we remember carpets for children when we have already thought about everything else or when, after decorating everything, we feel that there is still something missing. Instead rugs can be important (and functional) furnishing elements!

How to choose children’s rugs

What should you know before you buy a baby rug? The first thing to keep in mind is that your child will play with all his toys on the carpet. And the thing you can be sure of is that there will also be markers or pencils between the various toys. And that the baby will eat on it and probably will stretch or roll on the carpet!

So the first basic requirement when choosing a model among the various children’s rugs on the market is that it is easy to wash and very durable.

The carpets can be divided into two large categories depending on the hair of the rug, long or short. Most children’s rugs are short-haired because they are easier to clean, but in case you feel attracted to the long-haired models… I suggest you simply desist because in no time you will find stains and dirt enctiled and difficult to remove!

One of the purposes of children’s rugs is the thermal insulation from the floor: this is why we choose plastic square carpets for infants too, right?! In many houses during the winter the floor is generally very cold, especially in the rooms with ceramic floors (other than the speech in the room with parquet), in this case it will be better if the rug has a good thickness to isolate the child from the cold.

Another aspect linked to the floor of the house is how slippery it is. Although we believe that the carpets do not slip on our floor, it is advisable that the children’s carpets that we choose have a non-slip surface in the bottom and, if they do not have it, we can remedy by buying a slip for carpets.

As for models: square, round and rectangular… not only! There are many forms more suited to the design of children’s bedrooms and fantasies, just like our pink cloud, which comes directly from Lilipinso (where you can find many other forms and designs).

You can find these and many other models on Lilipinso.

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