Run Disney 2017: a unique Disney experience

You have followed us, especially in Instagram Stories, living for two days in a dream called Disneyland Paris.

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Disneyland Paris: a weekend for the presentation of Run Disney in 2017 in a group of bloggers and influencers from all over Europe

Disneyland Paris presented to a group of bloggers and influencers from across Europe the second edition of Run Disney, which will take place from 21 to 24 September 2017.

While I was attending the presentation and telling you live all the emotions and details of this half marathon (do not be afraid of this, lazy friends: below I give you all the details!), Sissi and daddy were having fun around Disneyland Paris, drunk with joy.

On Saturday we could attend the stunt show Moteurs… Action!  with a special guest, Lightning McQueen, and a highly secret backstage.

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Then we met two award-winning athletes: Paula Radcliffe (world champion in 2005, world record holder in the marathon and winner of 3 times of the New York Marathon. And in London. And in Chicago … in short, a big!) and Michael Jeremiasz (gold medal at the Beijing Paralympics game for tennis): at the Hotel New York we had a session of stretching and a challenge: try to play tennis as a Paralympic athlete… this was really a life lesson. A lesson that Michael continues as ambassador bringing in schools this important value: kids can learn to embrace the handicap with openness, friendship, giving people a sense of normality and above all having fun with them spontaneously, treating them in a natural normal way. We had a lot of fun with Michael!

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At dinner at the Newport Bay Club Hotel we gathered with families and friends: we saw a presentation about the news of the second edition of Run Disney in 2017 and we were entertained with a magic show (Sissi was kidnapped by the funny Disney magician) and with balloons (they were so beautiful!).

The light show (every night at 10 pm in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle), renewed for the 25th anniversary, in the VIP area, was perhaps most impressive moment of the day: music, Disney movie’s characters, lights and projections, fireworks… from the first minute, with the part dedicated to mother earth, it was hard not to cry, and then Belle and the Beast, Star Wars, Nemo… until you get to Frozen. Everybody began singing in his own language Let it go.

For a moment I thought that humankind could be really this: many voices, colors and languages ​​that gets excited and sing for the same reason. The magic of Disney not only showed the child that you can find in all of us, but it made also everyone equal and sharing. It would be wonderful that this feeling of unison would last forever, also outside Disney’s parks.

Sunday was for runnig (only bloggers and influencers, while Sissi and daddy  slept blissfully in our beautiful room in Sequoia Lodge Hotel), Sunday was our Run Disney 2017. We ran from 6:30 to 8 am… to be honest the alarm set at 5.30 am was a little hard, but then the laughter with running mates, the unique and exciting setting of the park that woke up with us, the dawn that lit up a sky cloudy filling it with beautiful colors reflected on the silhouette of the attractions… well, this was really Disney’s magic.

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Running (and partly walking …) in the park with no visitors let me enjoy Disneyland Paris with all my senses. I could appreciate the scenery in every single small detail: loving maybe a particular vision or a special perspective, looking at small pieces of scenery and even at signs and notices. I let the Disney music swaddle me and carry me forward in the path, just like in a Disney movie. I felt very privileged to be able to enjoy all this and I really felt part of the Disney magic, even more than than I was already.

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For brunch we found our (rested) families, also with Pippo and Mickey Mouse, and then the day was freely continued to enjoy the attractions of Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios (which I will tell you in a dedicated article).

Run Disney in 2017: all the infos

Before giveing you any information about Run Disney 2017, I want to reassure you on one thing: you can do it.

Whether sporty or not, running every day or never in your life: you can do it. Rather, you should do it!

Run Disney 2017 is indeed a running event, but do not forget that we are talking about Disney! This means you can do it because you have the option to choose the formula that suits your physical condition. I think you should do it because it is really a unique Disney experience.

Run Disney 2017 has different types of races: from 5k to 10k, but also races for families and for children starting from 1 year of age. All of this just in Disney style: magic meets the running event and creates fun and joy, in a scenery without equals – Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios parks. I assure you that it will be a weekend that will remain in your memory, for you and for your children (Sissi was ready to run with me!).

The 10k marathon will have a full itinerary across Disneyland Paris universe, while the 5k half marathon will be by night and a private party will follow, an unforgettable experience for the family in enlightened parks. In addition, to bring even more magic to this very special weekend, the arrival of all races will take place in Walt Disney Studios!

Save the date: Run Disney 2017 from 21 to 24 September 2017

You can find the full and updated program in the official website

Run Disney 2017 will be a magical event, a unique experience to live all throughout the weekend and it all starts here >>

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