Rundisney 2017 in Disneyland Paris. Dreams (sometimes) come true

Don’t Fear Failure. Be Afraid of Not Having the Chance.

With a quote from Cars3 I want to tell you about our magical weekend, not only as a family but also for Sissi as child.
And as I write this – believe me – I have tears in my eyes for joy and excitement at the thought that this event will remain in Sissi’s memory as one of the most beautiful in her childhood.
That childhood so important to be protected, a golden age in a child’s life when everything concerning education (broadly speaking) is very important.
Rundisney was not only a beautiful event in perfect Disney style, it was also an opportunity to teach something important to my daughter.
For a 5-and-a-half-years old little girl talking about race means of course I want to win.
Nobody likes to loose and of course the acceptance of defeat is difficult even for adults!

Rundisney teaches that sport is above all FUN

Nowadays everybody is more or less sedentary: often we adults, divided between work, tasks and errands, don’t find time for sports and gyms. However everyone knows the importance of sport and we encourage our children to attend any sports or physical activity.

Rundisney teaches that everyone can run, everyone can participate and have fun. Maybe Rundisney can become a moment of reflection and a starting point towards a healthier lifestyle.

Rundisney teaches that you can do it: even if you’re not a athlete, if you put on some weight, even if you don’t love running. In the Disney Parks in Paris YOU CAN DO IT.

And never mind to be the first to cross the line: everybody wins his medal, which is the prize for his personal challenge (which perhaps remains private and unspoken, too!). Nevermind finishing first. What really matters is the path, that in Family Run 5 k is full of stages and Disney characters, of fun and photos.

Just like in our lives, Rundisney teaches us to enjoy our personal path.

And above all it teaches to kids that you can race together, laugh, make friends, win a medal even if you don’t arrive first, without denigrating the last or envy who won.
In these days, ruled by tragic events, it really restores faith in humanity.

After Rundisney we return home enriched: firstly as a family, but also by meeting with special people, like Olympic Champions Paula Radcliffe and Michael Jeremias, who we already met in April presentation (you can read here the all about that gorgeous weekend!). I had a chance to interview Paula Radcliffe for you on topics such as maternity and values of sport:

Rundisney 2017: our weekend and the races suitable for children and families

Just take a flight and in a couple of hours you will be catapulted into the magic of a Magic Run Weekend. With Vueling we departed from Rome Fiumicino and arrived comfortably and right on time to Paris Orly, quite convenient for reaching Disneyland Paris. Some thoughts about our flight: it is true that Vueling is a low-cost operator, but remember that it is laso part of a larger group and operates in partnership with giants like British Airways or Iberia. From the comfort of seats to punctuality, from the departure from Fiumicino (airport which I much prefer to Ciampino) to the possibility of boarding suitcases (with an affordable price), from the kindness of the cabin crew to kids menu that really entertained Sissi on board: just consider these aspects when booking a flight!

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What about the accommodation for the Magic Run Weekend? It depends on you and on your budget, but definitely consider that both the family run 5 k and the kids race depart by the Lake Disney. So the more comfortable hotels surely are New York Hotel, Sequoia Lodge Hotel (that hosted us last April) and the Newport Bay Club Hotel (taht hosted us in this occasion and that you saw in our Stories on Instagram).

The 5K race was just incredible, for Sissi (remember that children may attend from age of 5 years) and for us. Each km along the way you’ll find a panel like a photocall to immortalize your progress along the way (and to rest a little!). But that’s not all: along the way you will encounter many Disney characters, all set to take a selfieor a picture with you! Belle and the Beast, Cinderella and the Prince, Gaston, Goofy, Stitch, Remy and many many others. Of course you should queue a little to immortalize yourself with these characters, but, especially by the end when you’re feeling fatigue, it’s a nice excuse to rest! Immediately after the arrive, there are medals for everybody and a box for refreshments! And then it’s time for the opening party where you can enjoy the Walt Disney Studios opened at night!

The kids race divides children by age: Sissi took part in the 200 metres. A race that a kids can really make by his own (or with an adult, if you want) and that gives them the emotion and satisfaction of participating for the first time in a real race.

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I want to say a few words about security of all events: without being invasive or make people feeling their presence, metal detectors and security were in every place of gathering and at the entrance of the parks and hotels. We enjoy our weekend feeling safe.

Rundisney 2017: do you want some numbers?

    • 20,030 runners aged 1 to 82 years
    • 40 different nationalities
    • over 1500 volunteers
    • more than 100 Disney characters
    • 70,354 bottles of water
    • 21,800 bananas
    • 7,250 meters of fences
    • 2,000 traffic cones

…and then us, your blog that brought you to Rundisney 2017.

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Given the great success of the event, Disneyland Paris has announced already the third edition from 20 to 23 September 2018.
The packages for this combination of sport and magic are already on sale at the following address:

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