Children’s sales: autumn/winter 2020/21

We have always talked about conscious purchases, slow fashion, but children grow up and for them it is often more complicated to orient yourself between offers, trends, sizes… certainly buying during sales season can be favorable, just try to buy useful items.

Always remember that quality pays off: you will hardly find beautiful, well-made, possibly ethical or organic garments, at least avoiding synthetic fabrics, for a few euros.

Despite this with the children’s sales you can play a little in advance, buy something for spring or next season (but be careful about the sizes, which you may miss, because growth does not always follow your forecasts, especially when children arrive at school age!).

Children’s sales autumn/winter 2020/21

Today’s selection is all about Amazon, a huge marketplace that often presents crazy offers even outside the sales period, but in which you have to know how to orient yourself.

The advantage? Parcels arrive home in a few days, returns are free, you can take advantage of delivery /return in lockers (if you do not know them, they are like automated lockers so you do not have to get in touch with any operator), in short, quick and painless!

The downside is that Amazon is such a big e-store that it becomes difficult to find your way around. If you are looking for a particular brand I recommend typing the name of the brand in the search and seeing what is available, if instead you are looking for a type of garment then it could be more complicated: try several searches!

Remember that filters are very useful: you can filter Prime delivery, but above all remember to filter the retailer. Amazon protects and fights counterfeiting, but if you want to go safe look for garments “sold and shipped by Amazon”!

Children’s autumn/winter 2020/21 sales: the evergreen selection

Here is our selection of evergreen garments: current season or not, in your child’s wardrobe there will always be space for denim, warm fleeces, mid-season jackets, sweatshirts, blouses.

This is the case Petit Bateau’s pair of t-shirts: a classic

For older girls, a super trendy outfit consisting of a pleated skirt and a blouse from Scotch&Soda (gets to 16yrs size!):

Sweatshirts, in easily matchable colors, are cream, like Pepe jeans’, or blue, like Tommy Hilfiger’s, or beige, like Scotch&soda’s:

Jeans, always useful, are classic Levi’s:

A chance to save is mid-season outerwear, that maybe you don’t use a lot, but that we always regret when it rains (here the Catimini rainjacket or the more sporty K-Way or Columbia) or in the mountains (here is the padded jacket with hood from Columbia):

Still outerwear: Chicco coat and Catimini denim jacket, a must!

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