Luxury kids fashion on sale: from Moschino Kids to Monnalisa

The recent events due to the Covid have upended the way many people buy: not only for an undeniable economic factor linked to the crisis, but also for a new approach to the way of shopping. Not only we buy more online (even those who didn’t trust or couldn’t do it, that learned how to shop online during lockdown), but we buy better, more carefully, thinking about the real occasions of use of the garments we shop.

Summer sales arrived very soon and for those who are used to taking advantage of the sales to enjoy some treats or to buy discounted luxury brands, such as Moschino Kids or Monnalisa or even Twin Set or Pinko, opportunities have certainly not been long in coming.

Luxury kids fashion on sale: from Moschino Kids to Monnalisa

If you’re used to thinking that luxury kids fashion is unsuitable for everyday casual life, nothing more wrong! Each brand retains its own couture or party collections, but next to these there are plenty of casual or athleisure options, a trend that has been increasing in recent seasons.

Buying quality garments is always a winning strategy, even more when they are on sale: if it is true that children grow up quickly, changing sizes immediately, it is also true that dressing them in suits of doubtful taste and quality is first and foremost a lack of respect for themselves. Respect for things has to be learned, even getting dirty, without anxiety.

Buying quality garments, even luxury brands, on sale, perhaps taking advantage of more discounts on past collections is a good choice: a quality garment resists washing, does not lose shape, always remains beautiful and can certainly be passed between brothers or cousins.

With an added advantage: luxury children fashion is often evergreen, meaning that it does not suffer too much – like so many independent brands or Instagramtrendy or like the big chains of fash fashion – seasonality and variations of trends.

Luxury kids fashion on sale: where to buy

Where to buy luxury kids fashion sales? In addition to department stores and single-brand stores, we found a small physical boutique, which also has an efficient kids fashion online shop and where there is never a lack of the human touch that is needed to make no mistake on choosing garments for our kids, to have advice on a color, on a fabric, on a fit.

This is the Portuguese store Special Clothing, where Marta really makes the difference: a tip, a virtual smile, a measure… in her children’s clothing boutique you don’t feel the difference between physical and online store, all customers are important and pampered!

The luxury children’s brands that Marta has chosen are mostly Italian, but also Spanish and Portuguese, all of the highest quality, refined and well finished: alongside famous names like Monnalisa or Moschino Kids, there are also perfect brands to create delicious mini-mes such as Twin Set, Liu Jo or Pinko or more sartorial brands like Foque or Paz Rodriguez.

Take a tour at Marta’s boutique, because you will often find truly unbeatable offers (even the outlet section is worth a lot)!

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