New Scandinavian brands to keep an eye on: WAWA Cph and SS18 collection preview

WAWA is not new to us, indeed this brand represents for me my very first memory about CIFF Kids.

Looking for inspiration for my first time in Copenhagen, almost wandering among silence, light, cleanliness and Nordic mood permeating completely CIFF Kids, I was immediately drawn to a booth. It was WAWA’s booth and I met Johanna, the designer, owner and founder of the brand. 

Sometimes life creates synergies, which are also special affinities, almost by chance. Over time Johanna and I have remained in touch until we met again (and finally) last August at CIFF Kids.

Over time we have established a special relationship: our friendship is based on pieces of life and vision, on a philosophy of life and deep mutual understanding.

But beyond the friendship which binds me to Johanna, today I tell you about WAWA because, despite being a very young Scandinavian brand, it is one of those brands that definitely you have to keep an eye on because it is a raising star.

WAWA Cph: a mix of cultures and a well defined philosophy

WAWA means baby in Aymara, a native language spoken by Indians in Bolivia and Peru. Not only: WAWA is also a part of the name of Johanna, Warawara Wawa, which means Star child. Johanna brings her mix of Swedish and Bolivian DNA in her creations making them unique: passion and inspiration coming from nature blend with typical Scandinavian clean lines and colors.

WAWA wears children from 3 to 8 years, celebrating imagination and creativity and trying to see the world through children’s eyes, in a simple and clear way. 

Like any Scandinavian brand, attention to nature and materials is very high and all garments are certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard, the highest standard in organic textiles).

WAWA Cph: basic line

Seasonal collections complement the basic evergreen, garments that may remain in the wardrobe all year round and can be passed from one child to another. The models do not go out of fashion, embrace a concept of slow fashion contrasting fast fashion: WAWA’s clothes last, remain cool, are comfortable, do not go out of fashion and are organic. What else?

Every dissertation on slow or fast fashion is a waste of time. There are two kind of people. You can be a fast fashion lover, where childrenswear often offers garments of poor quality, poor craftsmanship, with models that ape the adult fashionistas. Or you can be slow fashion lover, where childrenswear is conscious, speaks first to all children and  includes their needs (from the point of view of the skin and the environment, and also for the ability to create patterns and lines suitable to them).

We chose WAWA. Sissi is happy just with her t-shirt (with the eye that is watching you from behind!) and with her jeans: happy for choosing that color, glad to be able to play free, happy for the joke “I have eyes on my back”. And I feel safe for her Dermatitis, which thanks to the many organic garments we use is quite a bad memory.

WAWA Cph SS18: a preview from Copenhagen

In Copenhagen we spent an afternoon with WAWA and watched a preview of the SS18 collection: a palette full of green and caramel, with touches of color as the red of the big polka dots and the electric blue of sweatshirt that combine with beautiful striped pants.

The location is very nice and you can put it in your wishlist if you plan a trip to Copenhagen: Hyggestund Mikkeller (Viktoriagade 6, 1655 Copenhagen V) in Vesterbro, a place where the traditional American diner meets the typical Danish Hygge.

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