When the cold arrives… It’s time to find warm shoes for kids!

Cold, frost, snow… How to keep little feet warm? Moms know it: warm feet avoid colds and flus!
But how to choose warm shoes for kids without sacrificing fashion and comfort?
When choosing warm shoes, the names of the brands that echo in the head of a fashion mom are a bit the usual, right? What does children fashion offer us this season?

For us warm shoes means shoes with inner fur: synthetic or sheepskin, the important thing is that feet are warm! Here is a selection for all budgets!

Warm shoes for children: high budget

On Nickis.com I find as always all the best brands not only in childrenswear but also in footwear, including also luxury brands. A treat, a gift or simply an important occasion (but always in the casual style) in cold season can be worth buying more expensive shoes: consider you can take advantage in other occasions!

Salvatore Ferragamo Boots €329
Gucci Ankle Boots €340
Gucci Ankle Boots €340

Warm Shoes for children: medium budget

A medium budget represents in my opinion the right compromise between quality and price, considering that raw materials will be leather and fur in sheepskin or similar but non-synthetic. A Nordic brand (my weak for Scandinavian brands has been known for a long time!) leader in children’s shoes is definitely the Danish Angulus: Here are two ankle boots, one more fashionable and the other more classic. It’s your choice!

Angulus Boots €139
Angulus Boots €139
Angulus Ankle Boots €129
Angulus Ankle Boots €129

We return home, in Italy, in our Marche, with these models in soft leather and sheepskin from Zecchino d’Oro: beautiful, warm, cool and comfortable. I had the pleasure of seeing a few years ago how these shoes are made: everything is done in Monte San Giusto (Italy), with experience, craftsmanship and love. Right from the heart of the Marche Footwear district the shoes reach all the best boutiques not only in Italy, but also in Europe and outside Europe.

Gold Sequin Boots €132
Zecchino d’Oro Boots €132
Gold Sequin Boots €159
Zecchino d’Oro Boots €159
Gold Sequin ankle Boots €155
Zecchino d’Oro ankle Boots €155

UGG Australia is a classic for winter. In my opinion, the original UGG shoes are cute, warm, they do not deform like the thousand low-cost copies (remember that the feet of the children need a good shoes form. Always!) And in the slightly more delicious models they also become less viewed: the rear bows are delicious, aren’t they?

Warm Shoes for children: low-cost solutions (with quality)

You don’t want to spend too much: perhaps you need a model/color more to match your kids outfit but you don’t want to incur an important expense…

There are some low-cost solutions that, in addition to being cute and fashionable, maintain the minimum quality requirements below which I really don’t recommend you to go. I can recommend you Gioseppo Kids: a Spanish brand that could be the right solution for the everyday, to let the kids play and also to create coordinated looks for the whole family (thanks to the women and men line).

We fell in love with these soft soft ankle boots, with fur (synthetic lapin), which you saw worn by Sissi to face the cold in these days. They have a price of €59.95.

Mini Rodini Parka and scarf, Molo jeans, Gioseppo Kids ankle boots
Mini Rodini Parka, Molo Jeans, Gioseppo Kids ankle boots

Wouldn’t it be nice to coordinate them with this cute backpack? For us it is already in wishlist!

Gioseppo Kids

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