Shokunin shoes: children’s shoes around the world

From Singapore through Portugal and…  all over the world! Ready to break down the preconception whereby well-made children’s shoes are only Italian?

A brand that we recently discovered, but that caught us right away, as soon as we opened the boxand smelled the material of Shokunin Shoes for children. The leather is natural real leather, soft, compact and not thin: it smells like high quality leather and to the touch is really perfect.

We risked, we bet on this brand that comes from far, from Singapore, but that we liked as a concept: small and timeless collections, classic styles, those that children love for their comfort, colors that moms and children like and that well match up with any kids outfit.

To experience new brands, to photograph them and at the same time get them into your daughter’s life in a daily way, you often need to overcome some preconceptions. 

The typical-Italian-mom thinks that only Italian shoes are well made, well designed, with quality materials. And she does not trust to buy online, annoyed by the possibility of returns or worried about wrong size. She doesn’t take the risk, she relies on the shoe shop in town and often buy poorly: for quality and for cost.


… we found that abroad they produce excellent shoes for children, with an incredible quality, which sometimes far exceeds the national production (at least in value for money). Like everything in life, you have to trust, broaden your horizons and try.

We have tried Shokunin Shoes

Shokunin Shoes, from Singapore, is a brand specializing in children’s footwear: over the years this brand worked with many brands around the world and found the perfect children’s shoes. Not only that: when moms started asking why the shoes didn’t come to their size… Shokunin Shoes has satisfied them! Apart from the high fashion brands, you will already know that brands that produce shoes for children and adults are not easily found.

Shokunin Shoes has become a small project to design and produce trendy footwear for the whole family. Following that trend of the Mini Me that does not mention to stop.

Why the name Shokunin? It all began meeting with Jiro, the famous Japanese sushi chef, 3 Michelin stars, through the film Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Jiro is a Japanese shokunin who eats, breathes and dreams of sushi. Every single day of his life, he seeks continuous improvement with the Shokunin kishisu, which translates literally into Craftsman’s spirit, 職 人 気 質. With Shokunin Shoes, the Singapore brand seeks its own craftsman spirit to draw the perfect sneaker.

The models available are high sneakers, comfortable to open and close with the side zip and elastic laces, or slip-on with several fashionable colors: from pink to grey, passing through blue and bordeaux.

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