Simonetta x Chantecler Capri

Simonetta, a prestigious children’s clothing brand and Chantecler Capri, a famous high-end jewellery brand, announce the release of the Lune di Capri capsule collection for the Spring Summer 2021 season.

The synergy between Simonetta’s distinctive aesthetic and Chantecler Capri’s poetic iconography finds expression in a capsule collection for girls.

Simonetta’s creative flair and manufacturing quality naturally complement the refined craftsmanship of Chantecler, which embodies the core Made in Italy values. This combination of values is manifested in attention to detail and quality materials, thereby giving life to a contemporary tale that pays tribute to the happiness and profound levity that can be felt in Capri.

Sophisticated garments with refined details in fresh, lively and romantic shades are rendered unique by iconic campanelle (=bells) and the symbols that characterise them: majolica and bougainvillea flowers, Mediterranean waves and nautical seaside stripes.

The capsule looks range from poplin midi dresses to striped patterns, fun gingham two-pieces and colourful, playful beach outfits. You can feel the magic in these garments, which represent a unique story featuring exceptional, original characters, evoking the scents and colours of the flowers that pervade the island, as well as moments of light-heartedness enjoyed in Capri’s narrow streets, and among its mermaids and faraglioni.

Simonetta x Chantecler Capri

Today more than ever, the Lune di Capri project symbolises a renewed sense of sharing and appreciation, where unity is strength. Collaborating with Chantecler has been an honour and a dream come true. I am convinced that when connected to other aesthetic forms – such as jewellery – fashion acquires value and a new, sublime identity

Pierfrancesco Bontempi creative director of the Simonetta x Chantecler Capri project

This collaboration with Simonetta has allowed Chantecler Capri to convey the creativity and style of fine jewellery to the clothing world. In fact, the Lune di Capri collection perfectly embodies and reflects the spirit that has always characterised our brand, a spirit that is timeless, just like dreams and imagination, capable of absorbing the magic of our island and gifting it to the people who wear these clothes

Maria Elena Aprea creative director of Chantecler Capri

The capsule collection Lune di Capri will be on sale with the Simonetta Spring Summer 2021 collection, starting from mid-July.

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