Sleep in an igloo in Finnish Lapland: once in your life emotion

Sleeping in an igloo. A dream just for kids?

I don’t think it’s only for kids! When we planned our on the road tour of Finland towards Lapland, our dream was not only to meet Santa Claus in his home at the Arctic Circle… Our Saami dream included Aurora Borealis,  reindeers, Huskies and… sleeping in an igloo!

We had the good fortune to realize all these desires, even in August: the choice of the trip in Lapland in the summer in our case was due in part to health problems, partly to the numbers of free days, in part to the possibility to travel about two thousand of kilometers on the road in a relatively short time…

Sleeping in an igloo in Finnish Lapland is a dream to be allowed at least once in your life, whatever the season.

Despite this, I must admit that we missed the fascination of the snow: it would have been the wonderful scenery that we  experienced with a touch of extra magic!

Before I tell you how to sleep in an igloo, how to organize for the trip, where to book, and before showing you all the photos, I absolutely have to advise you to think about this destination for Christmas or New Year. It will be pure magic and an experience that your children will remember forever.

Sleeping in an igloo in Finnish Lapland: an emotion to be allowed once in your life

In Finnish Lapland there are many possibilities to sleep in an igloo: in Rovaniemi and its surroundings you will find several hotels and resorts that offer this possibility, just visit the official site of Visit Rovaniemi.

Why sleeping in an igloo?

For the view at 360 degrees, for the stared night, to feel one thing with nature and admire its rhythms, to see the Northern Lights from a very privileged position.

We chose the igloos of Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi: they are glass igloos, single or coupled according to your needs, destined for use throughout the year. You are surrounded by glass and you feel like you are really immersed in nature, at 360 degrees.

Thanks to the glass that surrounds you and to the modern and luxurious service of Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle you can enjoy a truly unique experience: in the summer we were able to admire the midnight sun, the evolution of the bright Arctic night, the Northern Lights (we were really lucky!) and the wonderful starry sky.

From your igloo you see and deeply feel the nature: the glass at 360 degrees has the view not only on the sky and on the other igloos, but also on the forest, the high trees and their sound according to the wind, the birds, the rain. Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle offer a lot to the traveler, but you will not really want to get out of your igloo: the first impact is to want to spread out on comfortable beds, sip a coffee accompanied perhaps by a Karl Fazer chocolate, and just look outside.

Your igloo makes you a spectator of a unique nature, that has something wild and that inspires a deep respect. Whether you believe in God or not, it’s a feeling that brings you closer to the Divine.

The temperature and comfort of the Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle igloos are worthy of a 5 star hotel: with a touch system you can adjust the temperature, chat with the reception (so you don’t have to get out of the igloo!), check and set the alert for the Aurora Borealis. The Tea&coffee corner as well as the minibar are excellently assorted. The bathrooms (with or without sauna, depending on the igloo you choose) are functional and the toiletries provided are all local made.

If you travel in the winter, you will have the beautiful snowy landscape and darkness for many hours, even during the day. In Summer, however, you will almost have light all the day: if you are worried about having to sleep with light, you must not worry because Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle has also thought about your rest. In addition to the masks, available with slippers and toiletries, in your igloo you will also find a small classic room, with window and closed ceiling, where you can sleep in the dark.

Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle is also wonderful in the common areas, such as the reception with the hall and the breakfast room: here the large windows overlook the nature and combine with the local style, made of warm furnishings, wooden, design , lights and candles. A tip: Souvenirs in the Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle shop are very nice and cheaper than other shops in Santa Claus attractions or museums!

At least once in your life, it’s worth giving yourself a unique experience like sleeping in an igloo in Finnish Lapland. Whether it’s the midnight sun or the Frozen scenery, it’s really worth it.

Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle is open all year round
Address Joulumaankuja 8
FI-96930 Arctic Circle
Tel. + 358 400 102 170
GPS 66 ° 32 ‘ 34,563″ N – 25 ° 51 ‘ 32,926″ E

Aurora Boreale at Rovaniemi – Pic. Credit official Fb Fanpage

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