Soft Gallery AW19/20: Book of Dreams

Close your eyes and let your mind paint the most magical book of dreams. Gently open the book and let it draw you into a world of magic and poetic stories.

It is new autumn winter 2019/20 collection by the Danish brand Soft Gallery, entitled Book of Dreams, at the launch today: poetry, art and color, which as always combine with simple lines, designed children but never obvious.

Book of Dreams takes us to a dreamland of endless and whimsical transformations, humorous contrasts, vivid illusions and puzzling visuals. A universe filled with lush, spontaneous, fluid and quirky dreams awaiting to be explored… Jump from dream to dream and let them carry you through this imaginary land. Let loose the sense of what-makes-sense as everything becomes alive in this winter floral landscape flavored in sweet bitter forest fruits, wild winter berries and pears.

You can drop by donkey’s apple house for a tea, jump around with the sneaker-loving baby kangaroo, walk slowly and observe the hungry tiger silently starring at a burger like at a pray, meet the magic dog-fox-duck trio, take shelter under sweet mushrooms when the sky is dripping gold dust, blink back to the moonlight-dreamer, whisper magic words with the flower ferries, fly along with the bee badger or get scared by the big sharp teeth of the nightmare looking monster, Dino, just to quickly realize that he is sweet like a cookie deep down inside… Everything is so alive in this land that reality feels like a faraway dream, and the dream starts to become real. So be the dreamer! With eyes open or closed imagine the most magical book, the Book of Dreams and dream away with it!

The palette combines dark and deep colors, such as burgundy or forest green, with brighter colors such as ochre or mustard or as light as dusty pink or melange grey.

The styles are classic Soft Gallery like Paula leggings or the series of dresses and jumpsuits. Excellent materials and timeless pieces make the Danish brand definitely one of our seasonal favorites.

The launch is scheduled for July 18 at 10 a.m. You can buy Soft Gallery on and in many eshops and boutiques.

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