Children’s sportswear: everyone on the track!

Together with the physical contact, travel and school, surely children in the last period have missed all sports activities. Competitive or amateur, afternoon activities were so important for many children: opportunity to release the stress accumulated at school and train body and mind.

Outdoors and sport outside are finally permitted, so they are an opportunity to regain some freedom: so it is also time to do some shopping, a little because children have grown up, a little because it is right to celebrate with a new look this first small return to normality.

Children’s sportswear: everyone on the track!

One of the best purchases you can make right now, partly taking advantage of promos, mid-season sales and pre-sales, is definitely children’s sportswear. We have already talked about athleisure and the best aspect of this trend, which thanks to the pandemic does not see setbacks, is certainly its versatility in use for sports occasions, for school, but also for the skillful construction of sporty-chic looks (just match a tulle skirt or maybe a sparkling garment!).

Today children’s sportswear means not only logo suits of classic sports brands, but also garments produced by casual and chic brands that embrace that athleisure trend, thus bringing on suits, sweatshirts, t-shirts with comfortable and casual lines their savoir faire.

When choosing sportswear for children, no doubt a mention of honor goes to the sporty chic line of Monnalisa (remember that on these garments you will also find the mini-me line, perfect to live this historical moment coordinated with your little girl), which you find in these shots on the track and that you can buy from the international boutique of Marta,, combined with the sneakers of Veja x Bonton.

The trousers are a must of children’s sportswear: with the logo side band and the print, which takes up that of the t-shirt, delicate and floral. Just add the sweatshirt, with the usual Disney-themed seasonal collaboration, which for spring summer 2021 season brings to the Monnalisa girls Daisy Duck.

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