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As children get older, there are brands we remember as they are intertwined in the early years of their life.

The first Christmas, first birthday, first steps, the first achievements … just browse the pictures and come across cute rompers, sweet cardigans, soft sweaters. It’s just melancholy.

What I have learned over the years, especially regarding the baby fashion (and not only for Sissi but also for the many mothers who write us every day), is related to the quality and manufacture of garments. For a baby you can not skimp on quality: it is not about fashion, it’s about health first.
Some low-cost garments are undoubtedly very cute and soft, but if you read labels… the quality is poor and – beyond the possibility (not remote it seems) to find a rat paw in the rim of a sweater – often they use poor materials, synthetic, recycled, chemically treated with toxic substances.
From personal experience, I would not wish anyone to have a baby with dermatitis: sleepless nights (for you and them), visits to specialists, expensive products for babycare (sometimes they cost more than clothes) …

One of the first independent brand that I discovered thanks to Sissi’s dermatitis, to this blog and to my passion for fashion, was Bonnie Baby (here some baby outfits).

Then Sissi grew. And fortunately also Bonnie Baby!

Bonnie Baby became The Bonnie Mob (I told you here) and, keeping a colorful style but never exaggerated, dedicated to children while keeping delicacy and tenderness, the brand is now wearing also big children, up to 7 years.

Materials are always great and The Bonnie Mob continues its heritage in organic cotton and cashmere mix that makes their garments soft, warm, hypoallergenic, but machine washable.

The Fall/Winter 2016 collection is dedicated to the great North, the imaginary journey to the cold places, where the woods are populated by polar bears, where there are cute penguins and dark sky is illuminated by beautiful stars.

Here is the outfit chosen by Sissi when we made the Christmas tree at grandparents’ home: she feels comfortable but big with a skirt… only The Bonnie Mob could interpret this feeling that blends the desire to grow with the desire to stay a little more children.

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