How to choose swimwear for kids

Swimsuit or bikini?

Every year we see each other changing swimwear for girls: we grow, trends and tastes change… but the watchword at the sea is always one: comfort!

Swimwear for kids: how to choose them

Buying a swimsuit for a baby girl is not the same as choosing it for a little one who has already abandoned the diaper or for a girl who already knows how to swim and dive into the water. The variety on the market is huge, so here are the tips to choose the perfect swimsuit depending on the age of the child!

First of all, comfort. Regardless of the age of the child, swimwear must be comfortable. Easy to put on and take off, of the right size (if it is too big it will fall and if it is too small it will tighten here and there and will bother) and that allows freedom of movement.

Attention to fabric: swimwear should be made from breathable fabrics and dry quickly. All that decorations that add fabric to your swimsuit can be very nice, but they tend to take longer to dry out and aren’t that comfortable.

One is not enough. No matter how fast they dry, it is always convenient to have at least one more spare swimsuit, in case the child gets wet at the last minute and we do not want it to remain humid when the temperature drops, so that we can change to eat after playing in the water or in case we want to go earlier than expected to the beach or pool.

Swimwear for girls: for every age the right garment

Swimwear for babies: the most suitable models are panties. On the market there are waterproof swimsuits, although, if the child is small, the ideal is to put the appropriate diaper under the swimpants. Diaper changes will be normal, so the model you choose must be easy to remove and wear. Remember that children should not be in the sun under six months (we must choose a shaded area perhaps near the games, in the pine forest or under the umbrella).

Swimwear for small children/toddler: if your child is already running alone, he will need extra protection from the sun. To minimize exposure to sunlight, there are one-piece swimsuits or swimsuits with a built-in T-shirt, made from fabrics that filter ultraviolet rays. The most comfortable are still the panties-type models, even for girls, and you can put a t-shirt on it so that they do not get so much sun, even if… if they get wet it will be more uncomfortable. Do not forget to always put a hat on your head.

Swimwear for older boys and girls: long forgotten the diaper, they constantly enter and exit the water and now have their own tastes. After a certain age, the model of swimsuit that we will choose will depend mainly on the activity that our children will perform. For swimming or water sports, sports models are preferred, whole for girls, with straps that hold the back well, and shorter and narrower for boys, such as briefs, shorts, longer but not wide.

Instead, if we are thinking of spending the day in a recreational pool or on the beach, the options are wider: swimsuits, in different lengths for children, will protect them more from the sun, are more versatile and adapt better to games in and out of the water.

For girls there is a wide variety: briefs, culottes, bikinis, trikinis, swimsuits with an uncovered back… with plenty of room for fantasy: ruffles, bows, knots… If you choose a bikini, make sure it is comfortable and stays in place without having to endure the hassle of parts that can move!

In these shots, Sissi wears iDO’s spring summer 2021 beachwear collection, which meets all the requirements: trendy, comfort and color!

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