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Bobo Choses SS2020: A dance romance

Dance is almost a primordial instinct, it is something innate in the human being, a form of ancestral expression.

The existence of dance goes back even to prehistory: in some European, African or Asian caves we find drawings representing primitive men dancing. One of the best-known examples is the one found in the cave of Trois Frères, France. Thanks to the meticulous work of archaeologists, tombs adorned with drawings of dancers in Egypt and even on the rocks of Bhimetka, India, over 30,000 years ago have been found!

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Kids outfit for autumn: a perfect outfit to wear even under school apron!

With back to school, especially with the beginning of primary school, we need to find kids outfit that were suitable to be worn even under the school apron.

Beyond the considerations – totally personal, but I tell you that I absolutely disagree – whether it is right or not that children wear school apron, the obligation of this garment requires, especially for those who have problems with dermatitis such as Sissi, a series of precautions.Read More

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Bobo Choses AW18: The Happysads

New Bobo Choses AW18 collection is titled The Happysads, the most loved music band ever! The Happysads is inspired by the world of children and their way of expressing emotions, often contradictory.

“They play both right and wrong; They act like always never; They listen to sad songs and change just like the weather… They are The Happysads! “#bobochosesthehappysadsRead More

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Trend childrenswear for Summer 2018: Shells!

We always preview (almost a year earlier) those that will be trends in kids fashion thanks to the most important international fairs: Pitti Bimbo, Playtime Paris, CIFF Kids, Supreme Kids, FIMI Madrid, Dot to Dot London…

When you get to the right season, we always find and add new trends, new combinations, we can create new outfits, shoot them and propose you a selection of garments, those that should not miss absolutely in your kids’ wardrobe!Read More

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Neverending Summer: BOBO Choses SS18

Bobo Choses, the Spanish indipendent brand will launch today at 11am (CET) SS18 collection entitled “Neverending Summer”.

Bobo Choses SS18 collection Neverending Summer tells a story of a child: Jane climbs up trees and explores her world. Jane is curios, asks many many questions (just like our kids! She looks a lot like Sissi, to me!), she wants to know and learn as much as possible from this world. Her mum calls her for dinner, Jane comes back home thinking about all her adventures and about next day’s exploration.

How many questions can you fit into a neverending summer’s day?

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